How to Convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to a PDF

How to Convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to a PDF

The Microsoft OneNote is an excellent note-taking program. It helps the users to manage their drawings, audio commentaries, screen clippings, notes, and more. The notes gathered by the user can be shared with another user of OneNote easily. That is why many businesses use the Microsoft OneNote feature. Further, the OneNote feature is part of the Microsoft Office suite. But it is also available for free through a standalone app which you can find on Microsoft’s official website. But sometimes you may want to Convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to a PDF. If you want to know about the process then you are in the right place. Have a look at it here.

How to convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to PDF in Windows 10?

If you want to convert the notes to PDF in Windows 10 then follow the steps given here. It is quite easy to do. But you have to keep in mind that any changes you make in the Notes will not happen automatically in the PDF format of that file. You have to again convert the updated file into PDF.

  • First of all launch OneNote in your Windows. Then open the OneNote notebook and wait for it to load.

  • Next, click the File tab on the screen.

  • In the left-hand menu, you can find the Export option. Click it.

  • Then choose the role of the Notebook which you want to export from “1. Export Current”. You will be able to select from the Page, Section, and The Notebook.

  • Now in the “2. Select Format” group, you have to select “PDF”. There will be various file formats available in the file types.

  • Next press Export.

  • Then you will find the File Explorer opening. Select the place where you can save your file. Then name it and save it.

  • At last, your PDF file is ready. You can use it for your projects with ease.

How to convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to PDF on Mac?

It is easy to export the notes in OneNote on mac.  But it will only allow you to save the page that is currently on the screen. Also, you will not be able to save the section or the book. But if you want to save and convert the page on the screen on your mac then follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open the OneNote app and load the Notebook. Take the page in the Notebook you want to convert into PDF.

  • Now click File in the menu bar.

  • Then press “Save as PDF”.

  • Next, you will find the Save As window. You can name the file and save it.

  • Your PDF file will appear on the screen for viewing. If you want to convert more pages from the OneNote then you can continue this process. Then you could have all the pages converted into PDF.


These are the ways by which you can convert the Convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to a PDF. Further, if you have files in PDF format it is hard for anybody to make changes. That is why you can use it for your office projects.

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What is a Neobroker and What Do They Do?

What is a Neobroker and What Do They Do?

Warren Buffet once said that if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will continue working till you die. As a result, youth have become engrossed in finding different ways to make money without necessarily holding down a 9-5 job. With people stuck with their mobile devices and the pandemic limiting movement, firms in the fintech industry have decided to make trading easier by allowing investors to trade digitally. Consequently, traditional banking is being phased out, and Robo advisors are replacing bank advisors. The youth especially have taken up the new trend, resulting in the rise of more neobrokers taking advantage so they can avail options to potential investors. Therefore, as investors look for investments that offer instant liquidity, research reports, and access to favorable interest rates, brokerage is at an all-time high. Let’s tell you more about neobrokers, what they do, and if they have a future in the fintech industry.

Explaining Neobrokers

OMR described neobrokers as finance apps that allow users to trade stocks without additional fees. They have been referred to as a new class of brokers aiming to revolutionize financial investments through innovative concepts. They aim to make the stock market accessible to everyone by democratizing it. Tech Crunch further explained that neobrokers are startups that are disrupting the investment industry because they offer a platform to a wider consumer base. They entice customers to be involved in the stock market by providing an easy mobile-based application and more incremental investment options.

Neobrokers have also taken up social networks to meet their objective in popularizing the stock market to different target groups. The brokers have their ears to the ground to take advantage of any upcoming trend since they have realized that before investors decide to invest their money anywhere, they always consult their friends. As a result, neobrokers are now moving from encouraging investors to consulting with experts in matters concerning their portfolios to permit them to interact with other investors casually on the platform.

Since their aim is also to create more value, neobrokers intend to create a social network allowing users to share trading tips. The real value of the startups can therefore be obtained by encouraging more interactions between users. The users get to earn money based on trading activities, and they stay updated on any trades they can make through alerts that will allow them to follow stocks that interest them.

What Neobrokers Do

Medium explains how neobrokers help to level the playing field. According to the article, retail investors are usually disadvantaged because they may have enough money to build their portfolio, but the high barriers to entry limit their access to different classes of assets. The author of the article goes ahead to clarify that an institutional investor has deeper pockets than retail investors, putting retail investors even further away from taking advantage of the many investment opportunities available. Due to the exorbitant fees, the retail investor with shallow pockets cannot compete with institutional investors; hence a neobroker becomes the only way to level the playing field.

Neobrokers offer access to all types of investment, be they gold, cryptocurrencies stocks, or ETFs, through a digital platform. Besides providing access, they offer simplicity because the digitized process makes it easy for anyone to trade. Most of all, it does not charge exorbitant fees, which further emphasize accessibility. Co-founders of Scalable Capital said that as neobrokers, they offer clients a fully managed globally diversified EFT portfolio and self-directed investment options. Their mission is to make everyone an investor by making the process simpler and improving accessibility. They even added that they are planning on launching the trading of derivatives next; in short, everyone will have their pick of investment available on the same app.

Is There a Future for Neobrokers?

Recently you must have noticed many firms in the fintech industry, especially those acting as neobrokers, choosing to raise more funds because the competition is stiff. For example, Bitpanda wants investors to have a wide array of options ranging from gold to other digital assets and established stocks. As a result, it raised $170 million in Series B funding that turned it into Austria’s first unicorn. Scalable Capital has not been left behind, and it raised $180 million in the Series E funding that also catapulted the valuation to $1.4 billion., on the other hand, raised $220 million, resulting in a $1.2 billion valuation, while Gatsby got $10 million in its Series A financing round. All these firms can see that the future of neobrokers is bright, and they want to rush in and partake in a big market share before other companies start competing for their slice of the pie.

According to LinkedIn, the rush to be the best neobroker in the world is because such firms have already seen a shifting trend in how the youth are investing. In Europe, most youth no longer see the need to open a savings account, and high-interest rates are not the cause because the pandemic has seen the rates go down instead. Yorick Naeff, Bux CEO, explained that they researched to understand the shift, and the conclusion was that the young Europeans had been pushed to invest, and the stock market is currently the ideal option. Although youth are mistakenly known for taking on risky investments to cater to short-term needs, they have changed and want long-term investment; hence ETFs are the most preferable.

Additionally, the CEO cited that the youth are interested in making well-informed decisions. Therefore, besides looking for education regarding the stocks and digital assets, they want it to be incorporated in their lifestyles hence the rise of using social networking. Furthermore, the background research they carry out before settling on certain stocks is also to ensure their investments align with companies that drive positive change. Neobrokers, therefore, have their work cut out for them to capture this new generation of investors.



Black Ops Cold War: Season 4 Patch Notes

Black Ops Cold War: Season 4 Patch Notes

The Black Ops Cold War season 4 is a most happening event for the gamers. It is right on the horizon like a silver lining. But the developers Treyarch has revealed little information about this. The hype around the game is building day by day. As usual, the start of the season will come with a patch. It will offer the players access to the contents in the game along with the wealth of changes. These changes will fix the problems in the game that the players might have experienced. So if you are a fan of Call of Duty then get ready for some new patch notes for season 4. Find out everything about it here.

When will Black Ops Cold War: Season 4 release?

The Black Ops Cold War: Season 4 may release on June 17th. This is because Season 3 Battle Pass is coming to an end soon.

What does the trailer reveal?

Season 4 of Call of Duty has some thrilling teaser. The players got the cut scene of Stitch discussing some plan with Wraith and Knight. He expected Adler to be saved. Also, he talks about the Verdansk test subjects. Last time this place was infected by zombies. Then the island got nuked because of that. Wraith shared about a man in South Africa that gives us a hint of a new map. Then this scene ends. We can expect more updates in the future.

What are the patch notes of Black Ops Cold War: Season 4?

At the beginning of the season, there is always a new addition to the Cold War map pool. But there is no information about this from the developers. But we can expect a new map in the game as it is the custom of the developers to introduce a new map.

If you like themes revolving around zombies and survival then the Black Ops Cold War: Season 4 will interest you. You may find lots of undead returning to haunt the players.


Like the previous seasons, season 4 will contain a brand-new Operator. They may join the Cold War roster. Some of the leaks have revealed that there will three new operators. One of the operators will be available in the new Battle Pass.

  • Weapon tuning

Season 3 had a lot of weapons tuning. This helped the players to have a good experience. We cannot expect any large changes in the weapons in Season 4 but it will be there for sure.


These are some of the expected patch notes from the Black Ops Cold War: Season 4. Wait for the amazing game and enjoy the new additions. You can buy the Game for PayStation here.

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A Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Buffalo, NY

A Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo New York

Some people know Buffalo as the home of spicy chicken wings, glass-fronted skyscrapers, and Art Deco buildings. Others know it as the gateway to Niagara Falls and a ton of other outdoor attractions. If your idea of fun involves a pair of hiking boots, a backpack, and a liter bottle of water, Buffalo has a lot in store for you. From the gentle beauty of Letchworth State Park to the drama of Niagara Gorge, the hiking opportunities are endless. Whether you’re a long-term resident or a first-time visitor, don’t even think of hitting the trails until you’ve checked out our traveler’s guide to hiking in Buffalo, NY.

When to Go

There’s no bad time to visit Buffalo, but just how much enjoyment you’ll get from hiking during your visit will depend on whether you’re braced for the weather or not. As notes, Buffalo is known for its distinct seasons, enjoying hot, sunny summers with temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 35 °C and cold, snowy winters. The peak season is from June through August. If you want to skip the crowds but still have the weather on your side, spring and fall both make great options, with average temperatures ranging between 5 and 15 °C.

Where to Go

The area surrounding Buffalo is ripe with opportunities for hiking. Depending on just how long you’ll be staying in the area, try to pack in as many of the following awesome opportunities as possible.

Knox Farm State Park

If a hike through 600 acres of rolling, wildflower-dotted meadows and shaded forests floats your boat, don’t miss a visit to Knox Farm State Park. It may not have the most dramatic hiking trails in Buffalo, but it definitely has some of the most bucolic.

Letchworth State Park

Known as the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park is a destination no hiker worth their boots should miss. It may be an hour’s drive from the city, but its dramatic scenery and camera-worthy landmarks make it worth the trip. Although it’s studded with more trails than you can count, the one you really won’t want to miss is the 7 mile Gorge Trail, a stunning hike that takes you through meadows, falls, the park’s famous railroad bridge, and Inspiration Point, an incredible vantage point that offers breathtaking panoramas over the surrounding landscape. If history’s your thing, be sure to add the short but rewarding Mary Jemison Trail to your itinerary.

Chestnut Ridge County Park

Chestnut Ridge County Park has some great trails but the real reason to visit is the Eternal Flame, a natural gas leak nestled in a trickling waterfall that needs to be seen to be believed. The trek up the gorge may be challenging, but you won’t regret the effort.

Amherst State Park

Covering over 77 acres of land, Amherst State Park is a vast area of meadows, forests, creaks, ancient orchards, and gorgeously landscaped grounds. No matter your age, your fitness level, or your time allowance, there’s a trail to suit. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for bird watching, fishing, and picking. Dogs are permitted and there are even a few large fields for them to romp around in unleashed.

Akron Falls County Park

Described by as one of the best hikes around Buffalo, Akron Falls County Park offers a moderately challenging hike that takes you from the drama of Murder Creek to the gentle cascades of the lower falls viewing area. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of great picking spots to stop and enjoy some al fresco dining in the sunshine.

Zoar Valley

Named by Only in Your State as one of the best hiking spots in Buffalo, Zoar Valley is an unmissable destination for anyone who likes getting down and dirty in nature. The valley offers three equally worthwhile trails to explore year-round, along with one that’s open from June to August only. If you want an easy hike with gorgeous woodland views, Holcomb Pond Trail comes highly recommended. If your legs are up for a workout, Valentine Flats and Point Peter Trail both offer plenty of challenge and an equal amount of reward. if you’re after some great shots to post on Instagram, the stunning half-mile Forty Road with its dramatic vistas and old-growth forests shouldn’t be missed.

Tifft Nature Preserve

If you like to combine a little birdwatching with your hikes, be sure to include Tifft Nature Preserve in your itinerary. Comprised of 264 acres of wetlands and forest, the preserve offers numerous opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife spotting. In even better news, it’s located just a few minutes from downtown Buffalo, meaning you won’t have far to travel to get your nature fix.

Niagara Gorge

If there’s one place no nature lover can miss during their time in Buffalo, it’s Niagara Gorge. Regardless of your skill and fitness level, you’ll have no trouble finding a trail that suits. If you’re looking for a short but fun trail, the 2.5 round trip Devil’s Hole Trail is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser – just be sure to wear good hiking boots as the stairs can get slippery at times. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, the Whirlpool Rapids Trail is ideal. No matter which trail you choose, you’ll be blessed with endless opportunities to enjoy the many species of plants and wildlife that inhabit the area.

Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

Located just 12 miles from downtown Buffalo, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve is a conservationist’s dream. In addition to providing various opportunities for families and individuals to enjoy the preserve’s natural surroundings, it also funds initiatives for both underprivileged kids and the wider community. Even leaving aside its worthy credentials, it’s a great place to visit, with well-maintained, accessible trails that are as equally suited to kids as to adults. Dotted along the way, you’d find peaceful ponds scattered with magenta lilies, a nature play area, an environmental education center, and the biggest American beech tree in the state. If you’re looking for a place that all the family can enjoy, this is it.

Moss Lake

It may be a slight trek from downtown Buffalo, but Moss Lake is worth the effort. Serene, blessed with gorgeous panoramas, and home to a giant lake with ducks, herons, turtles, and catfish, it’s a great place to enjoy a peaceful stroll in nature.



How to Get a Valorant Ignition Player Card For Free

How to Get a Valorant Ignition Player Card For Free

Are you a fan of the Valorant game? Then we have gathered all the information about its updates here. The Valorant first-anniversary party is continuing. Now because of the celebrations, the players can get their hands on the ignition player card. You can start episode one for free. Learn how to get it here. Further, the game has announced three limited-edition players’ cards at the YR1 event last week. The developers sent the first card to many players recently.

You can find the Episode 1 Ignition card in the player’s inventory. Rio started to distribute these cards to the players on their website. But the website went down due to heavy traffic. This is the reason why the Riot sent the cards to the players directly. Know more about this here.

How to get Valorant frizztechHow to get Valorant frizztech

Details about Valorant

Valorant is free to play hero shooter game created by Riot Games. The game officially released on June 2, 2020. The players have to play the game as one of the agents who have to attack or defend. Each of the teams will have five players in it. Also, the players as agents will have some unique abilities. That is why many people are interested in this amazing game. 

When will the episode 2 card arrive? 

If you are waiting for the episode 2 card then it will be available to you on 14 June as a special Prime Gaming drop. Also, you will be able to redeem the Episode 3 card at the YR1 event pass. It will start on 22 June and will end on 7 July.  

The Valorant will update about their card releases on their official pages. You can have your eyes glued for further updates from the developers.

How to get the Valorant ignition player card?

As the websites are down now, you can get the Valorant card easily. You do not need to worry about the codes. Now you just have to log into the Valorant. Then the card will get automatically added to your collections in the game.

When will the Valorant ignition player card expire?

Riot has not given any dates regarding the expiration of the Valorant ignition cards. But you can log into June 14 to stay safe. Also double-check to get it. The limited-edition ignition player card is the only one available for the players with existing Valorant accounts. But if you have started a new one this benefit is not available. Yet you can try to get the Formation card. Therefore, do not lose this chance now.


Valorant is a great game and now you can get the ignition player card. So do not miss the chance to take part in some amazing gameplay.

Valorant Gameplay

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A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Used Pontiac Chieftain

A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Used Pontiac Chieftain

The Pontiac Chieftain is a classic model that was sold during the late 1940s through the end of the 1950s. The model endured for three generations and there are still some good examples available for sale. If you’re in the market for one of these treasures from yesteryear, there are a few things to consider before you buy. We’ve put together a short buyer’s guide to help you know what to look for, and how to get the best deal on a quality Pontiac Chieftain.

Know the history

To get the best deal on a Chieftain, it’s important to know your history on the model. Some dealers are disreputable and they may misrepresent a Chieftain that has been put together from a variety of different replacement parts. Get an idea of how many models were made, the specs, updates, and other particulars that will help you to spot a fake or contrived model that has not been properly restored.

Overview of the history of the Pontiac Chieftain

According to Wikipedia, The Chieftain was first released as a 1949 model year. This was a part of the first generation that was produced from 1949 through 1954. The 1949 edition featured an A-body styling. It was available in a choice of four models including a Sedan, a Sedan Coupe, a Deluxe Convertible Coupe, or a Business Coupe. The second year of its production saw the addition of a Catalina Coupe. Four engines were available including a 239.2 6-cylinder generating 90 horsepower, a more powerful 93 hp version, a 248.9 cu in 8-cylinder offering 103 horsepower, or a more powerful 106 power version of the engine.

The Chieftain was an affordable vehicle with competitive pricing. It came with a radio, heaters under the seats, a tissue dispenser, automatic interior lights, and a Remington Auto-Home shaver. In 1952, a new station wagon body style was added to the line. The first generation featured a range of gauges including temperature, oil pressure, ammeter, and gas. This is the year that the horsepower was increased in the 8-cylinder versions. For 1953 the body style was upgraded to a 122-inch wheelbase with more streamed lines, a 1-piece windshield front and back for all versions. Fins were added to the rear of the car. The Chieftain Special was also offered as a more stripped-down version with the Chieftain Deluxe as its best-equipped model. The Custom Catalina was offered in a hardtop coupe with two doors, and a hood ornament that lit up.

The final year of the first generation

In 1954, the Pontiac Chieftain Line took a back seat to the status of entry-level with the addition of the new Star Chief, but the engines were upgraded in the 8-cylinder models by 9 horsepower and it received an updated carburetor. Pontiac saw a reduction in sales of the V8 models by 30 percent for 1954. Air conditioning was added along with in-dash controls and adjustable front seats.

The second generation

The 1955 model kicked off the second generation with a new engine, body, and chassis. It was powered by a 4.7-liter engine with a choice of 173 or 180 horsepower. Only V8 engines were used. A new V8 engine was introduced in a 5.2-liter generating 192 and 205 horsepower along with a padded dashboard option. Sales continued to drop, however. By 1957 the shape of the side trim changed with longer rear finders with V tips, larger bumpers, and lower hoods. The engine size took another jump to 5.7-liters with 290 horsepower.

What to look for in a used Pontiac Chieftain

With your knowledge of the history of the vehicle, make sure that the car for sale has retained its original parts if it has been restored. Check to make sure that there are no rusty spots in the fenders, body, or floorboards. It’s also wise to inspect the wiring and look for any signs of shorts or damage. A visual inspection can help you to find any concerns or areas that will need repair. This can give you a tool for negotiating the selling price. Hemmings is a great resource for estimating the cost of any necessary restoration or repair work.

Start the engine yourself. It’s best to do so when the vehicle has set for a few hours. If there are any engine issues you will see signs of blue or black smoke from the tailpipe. It should turn over easily and have a smooth sound when idling. Listen for any unusual noises such as squeals indicating loose belts, or knocking. Make sure that the brakes and the lights are all in good working order. When you take it out for a test drive the acceleration should be smooth and even. Listen for any engine or transmission noises that are out of order. If it lacks power when you give it gas, there could be an issue. There should be no clunks or hesitations when shifting gears.

Know the values before you negotiate

Check out the current values for a Pontiac Chieftain in the model years you’re considering. A good resource to do this is Hagerty’s, providing estimates for these cars based on the model year and the condition that they’re in at the time of the sale. Knowing the true market value of a vehicle gives you an edge that can help you get the best possible deal on a used Pontiac Chieftain.

Final thoughts

A thorough inspection of the exterior and the interior will help you to assess the overall condition of a used vehicle. Make notes of any repairs needed, know the value of the vehicle, and negotiate for a fair price. If the seller wants more than the car is worth, it’s wise to walk away and continue looking. The Chieftain is an affordable collectible in most cases and it is a treasure from yesteryear that can still be enjoyed and driven when in good restored condition. Keep the tips in this buying guide in mind to make sure you buy a quality used vehicle at a reasonable price.