5 Simple Strategies To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Let me tell you one truth about blogging, many people think that blogging is a hard job to do, and I am sure they say this because they have tried blogging, but they didn’t see the results as they expected and probably they had no patience. But no matter you are already a blogger or thinking to be one, you must know that blogging is a very easy thing to do for enthusiast people. Because if you are not really interested in blogging or you have no passion for that, then you are surely blogging for money and just because you are not making enough money through blogging you think it’s hard.

I have seen many of these kinds of bloggers who did hard work for like 3 weeks and never showed up again on their blog. I understand I am going off-topic here, but I had to explain why most bloggers fail in blogging. New bloggers must also understand that blogging is long term business or whatever you want to call it, you can blog all your life and there is no end. So I assume that you already have a blog, but you have not succeeded yet as you expected. And to do that you have to take your blog to the next level, and remember this will take some time, you can’t just jump on the next level overnight.

So let me tell you a few things to do if you want to take your blog to the next level.

1. Make Plans and Decide your Goal

I guess this is the best thing you can do to take your blog to the next level, always have a plan about how you are going to work. In blogging since you have no boss, I don’t think you must be working according to plans but just anytime and without really caring about your blog. Having plans is the very important and more important thing is to follow it, for me, my plan for this blog is at least one post and five blog comments every day.

The second important thing is you must have goals, for me, my goal for this blog right now is to have at least 300 unique visitors daily and I can proudly tell you that I am getting close to it. Also once you achieve your goal you must reward yourself, because you don’t have any boss to give you a bonus. Now, I can tell that you don’t want to hear any more of my stories so I am just going to stop here.

2. Getting More Traffic to Your Blog

Well, this is the most difficult thing for new bloggers to get traffic because there is just too much competition in the blogosphere right now in almost every niche. So it is very important that you do not wait for traffic to come from search engines and start promoting your blog through forums or social media sites, best working things right now are guest posting and blog commenting.

3. Start Blog Commenting Aggressively

Like I just said you don’t have to wait for Google or other Search Engines to send traffic to your blog, you can simply start blog commenting which is not really a hard thing to do, but you must also remember not to spam comments with something like “Good job” or “Great post”, first of all, do not expect that it will be approved by the blog owner and the second thing is that you will not get any traffic from these kinds of comments. Still, if you are confused about why you should start blog commenting you can read the below posts to understand why you should start blog commenting.

4. Keep Producing Fresh Content for Your Blog

I have seen many bloggers who mostly focus on promoting their blog and SEO, but like everyone says Content is the King so your first priority must always be the content of your blog. And after that, you can focus on other things like SEO and promotion. So, if you are not writing enough for your blog and only keep reading that is just a waste of your knowledge and reading is fun but it won’t benefit you as writing will.

5. Get Known in Blogosphere

Getting known is very important if you want to be successful in blogging, and using social networks is the best thing to get known among bloggers. So if there are any blogs you’ve been reading daily or some of your favorites you can always get in touch with that blogger through social networks and build a good relationship with them. To do this Twitter is the strongest tool you can use because every blogger is on Twitter and you can easily get in touch with them. Also remember, twitter is not just to spam your links there is a lot more you can do on twitter to build a nice image.

So these are the few things I think that can take your blogging to the next level and I have been personally doing these. If you have some of your own strategies that can help blog to jump over the next level, feel free to share it with our readers.

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