8 Tips for Cleaning a Computer Chair

Just like any other piece of furniture around your home of office, Computer Chairs also need regular cleaning and maintenance if you want to extend their life. This becomes even more important in case of accidental liquid spill. It could totally ruin the upholstery of your computer chair. And if the chair is made with wood, it would affect the structural integrity of the chair overtime. So, you need to make sure that you clean your computer chair right away once it starts looking dirty.

Here are 8 Tips for you that would help you get started with the cleaning process of your computer chairs

1. Consider the Chair Material

First, you need to find out the type of computer chair that you have in terms of material. You can’t clean a wooden chair the same way as you would a fabric or mesh chair. Most beginners make the mistake of following the same cleaning procedure for all their chairs. It doesn’t always work like that. For example, if achair that requires water based cleaned, is cleaned using Crypton cleaning method, it would not give you the results that you are looking for.

2. Use Vacuums for Dust and Debris

You should start with a general technique that works for most computer chairs. You can use it on wooden chairs as well as on leather, mesh and fabric chairs. You should use Mini Vacuums for the regular cleaning of your computer chairs. These vacuums would help you get rid of the dirt and dust particles from your computer chairs. Since mini vacuums are small in size, they are easily maneuverable. You can reach tough spots with them and get rid of the dirt and debris.

3. See the Care Tag for Instructions

If you are looking for thorough cleaning, you shod first start off by looking for the Care Tag on the back of the office chairs. This tag gives you the instructions for cleaning the computer chair. This tag contains following letters

  • W: Stands for water. You can clean these chairs using any water-based product.

  • S: Stands for solvent. It indicates that you should clean the chair with a solvent that doesn’t have water in it.

  • SW: It means you can use either the water of solvent based solutions for cleaning the computer chair.

  • X: It means that you shouldn’t clean the chair yourself. It needs to be professionally cleaned because you just don’t have the tools needed for the job

  • C: It stands for Crypton Cleaning. It is used for cleaning stubborn stains from the upholstery

4. Clean Stains with Soap and Warm Water

Once you have seen the care tag, you can go on and start with the cleaning process, based on the instructions. The computer chairs that have W tag on them can be cleaned used soap and warm water. It is a temporary solution but works pretty great. Simply just soak a piece of clean cloth in soapy water and clean the chair with that. You would also need to dry the spot with a dry piece of cloth.

You may follow the technomono computer chairs reviewsif you are looking more interesting guides for computer chairs. Knowing about these things would help you take better care of your computer chairs.

5. Use a Conditioner for Leather Chairs

Leather chair needs to be conditioned once or twice a year. It is not an immediate cleaning requirement but if you want to maintain the freshness of the leather of your computer chair, you would need to take it for conditioning. Conditioning prevents the leather from drying out and becoming stiff. Conditioning is meant to maintain the moisture in your leather chair which keeps it hydrated and fresh. Without it, the chair just become dull and loses strength in its structural integrity.

6. Lubricate the Caster Wheels

Caster wheels of your computer chair allow you to move around while sitting in the chair. They are the machinal component of your chair and need to be takes care of in that way. You need to lubricate them so that you can move around easily in them. Clean the caster wheels with a piece of clothing and then apply a recommended lubricant oil on it. It is important that you clean the stuck dirt and debris particles from the chair first. Only then you should apply the lubricant on the caster wheels.

7. Wipe the Spilled liquids Right Away

In case of accidental liquid spillage, it is important that you wipe it right away. Whether it is leather or wood, if you leave the spillage for too long, it would stain the computer chair. It affects the look as well as quality of the chair. You should clean it right away because if you don’t do that, it would become much difficult for you to clean it later on. You would have to use strong solutions for cleaning the chair that could affect the material of the chair.

8. Cleans the Wheels, Arms and Legs of Chair

You also need to clean the wheels, arms and legs of the chair. You can do that using any ordinary water-based solution. If it is possible, take apart the wheels of the chair if you want to properly clean them. Then, take a clean and dry piece of cloth and clean the arms, wheels and legs of the computer chair. You can soak the cloth into a recommended solution for cleaning off the stains on the legs or the arms of the chair.

Final Words

According to the techno mono that you need to be careful when cleaning a computer chair because if you don’t do it the right way, it could end up ruining the entire chair for you. Make sure to keep the things that we talked about here in mind before cleaning your computer chair. We have tried to generalize everything so no matter what kind of computer chair you have, you can follow the instructions mentioned here to clean any computer chair at your home or your office.


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