China Unicom Added 1.905 Million 4G Users In May 2020

China Unicom recently published its operating statistics for May 2020, stating that the company had a total of 309 million billing users in May 2020, a net decrease of 540,000 compared with the previous month; and its 4G users reached 258 million, a net increase of 1.905 million compared with the previous month.

For fixed-line broadband, China Unicom had accumulated 85.543 million users and its user group increased by 402,000 within the month. At the same time, its local phone users were 52.744 million, representing a net decrease of 420,000.

China Unicom said that facing challenges like market saturation, intense market competition, and public health event, the company adhered to self-discipline and rational norm competition. It enhanced diversified Internet operation, launched innovative communication supply, reinforced fusion operation, strictly controlled user development cost, actively cleaned inefficient products and channels; and maintained enterprise value.

At the same time, the company actively promoted new information application products and strived to promote high-quality development.

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