Editors' choice Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speakers are 33% off

By 429Records on October 30, 2019 90

It is in sound performance where they do very well. At the price point, they represent very good value. They are easily able to compete with speakers costing more. As we previously stated, that would make them some of the best bookshelf speakers under $500. We think they are a good choice for the home. For music and home cinema systems, they work very well and have some useful other external connection options.

By AudioRumble on May 18, 2019 87

Great set of active speakers designed for those who want quality audio as well as versatility. Edifier S1000DB are powerful, stylish and fairly balanced all things considered. If you’re just getting into quality audio, these a great starting point.

By GadgetSpeak on February 02, 2019 70

When listening to music from various sources using this speaker system was an enjoyable experience. The use of the remote control unit allowed me to make various adjustments from the comfort of my armchair rather than using the out-of-sight controls on the active speaker.

By MakeItSoundGreat on October 07, 2018 87

Impressive specs, bass particularly, for standalone powered bookshelf speakers. A bit expensive, and might be overkill for computer/desktop speakers. No subwoofer output which will limit these as traditional home theater speakers.

By Channel News Australia on February 01, 2018 80

Edifier’s S1000DB speakers are a beautiful piece of engineering and are stylistically stunning. They cater to individuals who demand more than just technical function, and crave artistic expression.

By APH Networks on June 23, 2017 75

The Edifier S1000DB are large desktop speakers that is big in performance and small in price.

By NikkTech on April 11, 2017 95

The real question is whether or not the S1000DB is worth their money and the answer is a definite yes. The only problem for some people may be the light wood used which may not blend in with their TV sets or desks but other than that since build quality and audio clarity/accuracy/detail are near excellent and volume levels are very high.

By ImpulseGamer on November 13, 2016 90

The Edifier S1000DB Multimedia Speakers provide some great quality when it comes to your audio needs.

By PCPowerPlay AU on October 17, 2016 90

Some seriously great stereo…

By Head-Fi on March 21, 2016 90

If you are looking to purchase a new speaker around $500, then the S1000DB provides a nice alternative to speakers such as the B&W MM-1 and Audioengine A5 with unique and engaging tuning that does not come at the cost of quality and a striking aesthetic that will surely draw more than a few compliments from guests and relatives.

By Ayumilove Tech on December 11, 2018

The Edifier S1000 2.0 bookshelf speaker it’s an interesting speaker which produces treble and bass that pops out towards the audience. If you are looking for a brand new 2.0 speaker setup for movies, gaming and music listening usages, and also looks great in places such as living hall or workstation, I highly recommend you to consider them in your purchasing list. Just a little note on the spacing as the S1000 speaker takes up a larger space compared to an average 2.1 satellite speaker system when placed beside your monitor/TV.

By Slant on May 30, 2018

The S100DB is a pair of active bookshelf speakers with a wealth of connectivity options so these should work with practically any audio source devices that you may have. Sound signature is balanced and should work well for casual music listening, watching movies, and playing games.

By on May 28, 2016

Edifier’s S1000DB is a Bluetooth speaker system with a difference. For a start there’s a pair of them to offer the classic look of a lifestyle shelf system that provide excellent sound quality.

International Review By on August 30, 2016

Konservativer Look und für manchen Schreibtisch etwas zu groß, aber klanglich weit vorn: Die großen Aktiven bieten besten Sound für den…

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