How These Software Help In Building Solid Business Plans?

Starting a business is not the easiest thing to do. Feasibility of the business, proper execution of ideas and a smooth cash flow are a few things that are needed to be kept in mind before in order to establish a successful business. One must follow a proper strategy, plan, and research before taking the idea to the execution level. However, until and unless there is a framework, efficient planning of a business is not possible. In such cases, a business planning software can be of utmost help. Not only it can help with the formulation, but also provide guidelines for a perfect marketing strategy. These software are available easily in the market and can help us in every step during the business planning and execution. From starting a business to its exit, everything can be looked after by such software. From the different software tools available in the market, we need to pick the best one in accordance with the pricing plans and the other features to understand which can be the best fit for the company. 

Some of the best softwares which are effective and reliable are listed down here.

  • Live Plan – This one is the overall best starting from 11.66 dollars per month

  • Bizplanbuilder – This is another user-friendly software which is relevantly much easier to use and costs around 297 dollars per month.

  • Gosmallbiz – This suits to be non-profit and 39 dollars per month.

  • BusinessPlanPro – This is the best for customer support. 

  • OnePlace – This suits to freelancers which costs around 5 dollars per month fees. 

  • Go Business plans – Best when it comes to business development and planning.

Live Plan

This is the best business planning software in the market. IT is a very interactive one and provides a step by step plan approach. This has a good collection of a cloud-based approach. It also includes some of the user-friendly learning tools. This software also provides a number of easy templates for personal development. The best benefit of this software is that it helps to calculate the financial outcome for the next five years. The use of Quickbooks and Xero users makes it easy to import data into LivePlan’s system. This business plan software price is 19.95 dollars per month. You can have the first month available for just 9.95 dollars. This is available for a 60-day free trial. 


This user-friendly software is suitable for any small business. It has a simple wizard that helps to plan a business effectively. It has some already made templates. It helps business owners to connect with several investors online. Just by a click of the link any owner of the business can connect with other investors and can easily share their plans. 

It comes along with many other financial tools to resolve any mathematical problems. In case you are not a maths wizard, then you can use their tools such as a calculator, charts, graphs, and financial projections, cost analysis, and budget sheet. It also makes real-time collaboration much easier. Other members of the team can edit the business plan at the same time. 


This was founded by NFL Hall of Famer and veteran entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton. It has a lot of templates that can help generate each document as the business owners would need, It also has a feature of an online calendar which can help meeting, appointment and customer events and other things. 

The two other remarkable feature of this software includes the financial statement and projections. While one can perform cash flow the other can look over the income, balance sheets, and profit analysis. 

It also comes with an online learning tool for those who are new to the business, It also provides business mentoring and other business courses, updated per week and others. 

This software is a small one and quite affordable. It is available for 39 dollars per month or one can take a 60-day free trial before taking up the paid membership.

Business Plan Pro

This is said to be the best customer support software. It can provide technical support as well. It is perfect for new business people to achieve their goals. It comes along with different instructions and funding tools. It helps business owners to create a perfect solid business plan. It has more than 500 templates available online. The standard edition comes for 99 dollars per month and the premium one costs around 159 dollars per month. Another added feature is that in case you are not satisfied you can cancel the membership any time. 


One place is helpful for a freelancer for business plan making. One can calculate the time that one needs to spend over a task. It would automatically calculate the leftover efforts necessary to help plan and think of the future of the business. This software is available at a very reasonable price. The basic plan is completely free. However, the enterprise plan comes for 5 dollars per month and the bronze pan comes for 24 dollars per month, The silver and the gold plan are for 49 dollars and 99 dollars respectively.


One of the best and the most reliable formats of business development when it comes to software, Go Business plan is a power pack service for all the things that you can get at a single click. With a revolutionary concept of combining business ideas and mechanics with utility tools, this power pack bombshell is one of the most preferred picks of all time. With complete flexibility in plans, the developers sure made sure that you don’t get demotivated at the moment of purchase. Take a look at their list and make sure that you don’t miss out on their exclusive deals. 

Some other remarkable business plan software include Equity Net, Plan Guru, Start Guru, Start Pad etc.

A good business software can provide you a solid and well-structured business plan for effective management. These features can help a business to grow and benefit a lot in the long run.

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