Kaspersky Security Cloud is a Good Tool for Plentiful—Device User

Kaspersky returns for 2020 with its new service, Kaspersky Security Cloud. The updated offer will be billed as a new “adaptive security” suite that will act as a custom umbrella for multiple devices across all your devices. If you want to protect your computer from attack, then you can check with bzfuture.com to get kaspersky antivirus software.

It cannot be denied that Kaspersky Security Cloud is big business for families. Kaspersky Security Cloud works on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS and is available in two versions:

Kaspersky Security Cloud uses a tiled interface with eight in-dash options. This includes analysis, database update, child protection, password manager, data protection, safe money, mobile protection and secure connection.

These differ slightly from Total Protection. The thumbnail leading to your My Kaspersky online account, for example, is no longer available. Parental controls have been renamed Child Protection. VPN is now in th a nice and convenient way to install Security Cloud on your mobile device. Displays a QR code that leads to your respective app store to download the Security Cloud app.

Cloud security on Android is more lie foreground under a secure connection, and mobile protection replaces the backup and restore option.

The mobile protection option iske a mobile dashboard. If you want to take advantage of the features of Kaspersky, you must download and install other Kaspersky applications such as antivirus, VPN and password manager. You can do all of this through the Cloud Security app or online through My Kaspersky.

Child protection provides the usual protection for children. You can control social media activities, web browsing, and a child’s device usage. On the phone, you can also locate your child on a map and use the geographic location to notify them when the child goes to a part of the city where they shouldn’t be.

Kaspersky’s approach may not be for everyone, as it is the classic “eavesdropping” or “sniffing” approach to controlling your children. But for those who need this type of monitoring, it’s there. An interesting feature of Kaspersky for parental control is that a clinical psychologist offers advice on how to deal with various problems at each stage of this section.

Some of these tips are age appropriate. When you install Kaspersky on a child’s device for the first time, you should inform her that the application exists. If you want to limit the duration of device use, make sure your child has other activities to take their time. It’s a great touch for parents who want tips on how to manage their kids and their technology.

Kaspersky has also been active in the IoT world since 2020. With a new tool, you can display all devices on your network in More tools> My network> Devices on my network. Alerts you when a new device joins the network. This can be useful for discovering unknown devices on your network.

Also, Kaspersky still has the network activity feature, which shows all the applications on your Windows device that connect to the Internet.

A final addition to the Windows program is the hard drive status monitor, which detects disk errors based on S.M.A.R.T. (Self-monitoring and reporting technology) that most modern readers have.

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Features of Kaspersky

Perfect phishing protection

When malware tries to bypass the security of your computer, phishing attacks aim to bypass common sense. Scammers set up websites that look exactly like PayPal, eBay or your bank. Sometimes the URLs are close to each other, such as B. pyapal.com or bankofamorica.com. If you miss the warning signs and log in with your username and password, you’ve just given the bad guys your account. However, Kaspersky can protect your data well.

Impressive protection against ransomware

Kaspersky’s System Watcher component aims to detect ransomware and other malware based on their behavior. There should be no problem handling the latest attacks yourself. In most cases, System Watcher detected suspicious activity, terminated the attacker, and offered to disinfect and restart the system. For some of them, the suspicious program has simply been removed. Some other samples appear to have refrained from malicious activity, possibly because they discovered Kaspersky’s presence.

Kaspersky secure connection

All programs in the current line of Kaspersky products are provided with a limited bandwidth copy of Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN. You can use 200MB of secure connectivity per day on each device, and the VPN selects the server you want to use. For $ 4.99 a month, you can upgrade to the Premium Edition, which removes the bandwidth limit and lets you choose the country you want to use for your connection.

The Bitdefender product line offers a very similar VPN layout with 200MB and no free server selection or unlimited bandwidth and server selection for a bonus. Not surprisingly, the two are similar, as they are both compatible with the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite server network.

Password manager

Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security include the free version of Kaspersky Password Manager (which can be downloaded by anyone from the Kaspersky website). Unfortunately, you can only save 15 passwords in this version, which makes Kaspersky Password Manager Free a bad product.

However, the Kaspersky Total Security plan includes Kaspersky Password Manager Premium. Fortunately, you can save an unlimited number of passwords with this version, and it works perfectly.

When using Kaspersky Password Manager for the first time, you must choose a master password. Once you have selected a master password, you can enter your password vault, which stores your login information in encrypted memory.

You can use your password vault to store important documents. You can also save the payment information:

Kaspersky Password Manager offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.

Kaspersky has displayed a green wrench icon on the toolbar. When you visit a website, the Password Manager extension has a gray key symbol in all login fields on the page. If you use the key symbol and password manager, you will be automatically signed in.

If you enter new credentials, Kaspersky Password Manager offers to save them in your password vault.

Safe money

More and more people are becoming victims of financial cyber crime, mainly due to phishing, keyloggers and banking Trojans. Kaspersky Secure Money can prevent cybercriminals from stealing your payment information.

The Safe Money feature automatically detects if you want to make a payment online or use online banking.

The protection browser opens a new browser window with a green glow. For security reasons, browser extensions and synchronization are disabled in the “Protected browser” window.

Kaspersky’s protected browser can be run in any browser you use. Other brands use a special browser, like B. AVG’s secure browser, but I’m a creature of habit. I prefer to use Chrome or Firefox for Safe Money to get points here.

Safe Money allows you to use Kaspersky’s on-screen keyboard to enter payment information. This prevents keylogger spyware from recording your keystrokes.

Safe money is an easy way to avoid financial cybercrime. It is not available with Kaspersky Antivirus, but it is a popular addition to Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security.


Kaspersky Security Cloud is available in three versions. The free version has a limited number, it applies to a specific account and to three devices. The personal edition offers all the functions available for one account and five devices. The family version includes up to 20 accounts and 20 devices. With all the features of Kaspersky, you get much more security than free options like the built-in Windows Defender. For families, it covers a large number of devices with costing less money.

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