Mistakes To Avoid While Selling On Shopify App

If you are new to the business of E-commerce, especially Shopify then there is a huge chance that the huge amount of tasks for better management of the business will leave you scratching your head in confusion. However, with the growing success of Shopify in the market and the amazing features like banner app Shopify, to advertise the offers and discounts of the site without spending a single penny, attracting more visitors to shop! So, the Shopify app is worth a try.

But no matter how helpful and resourceful the Shopify app is, but there are some common mistakes that the Shopify rookies tend to make when dabbling with Shopify for the first time. Well, worry not! I am here to guide you regarding the most common mistakes done by traders on the Shopify app and how to avoid them, setting yourself for success!

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A logo is an identity of your company and speaks a lot about it. A website that has no logo leaves not a good impression on the visitors. The visitors will forget about the website as soon as they leave it because for sure, without logo the site is going to look fake and incomplete. It is not something that you will want.

A logo enables quick recognition of your brand. But still, many traders launch their websites without a logo, as they do not want to spend a huge amount of money on it.

However, the truth is that making a logo is not all that expensive and there are many options available for making a cost-effective logo.

Leaving SEO To Default Settings

SEO is the most important part of marketing promotions and marketing of your business and site. Every page, product, and blog post has a specific spot where you can insert Meta tags which facilitates SEO practice. Many fewer people make use of this facility, but let me tell you that it can lead to the growth of your page and improve your site’s ranking.

All you have to do is to scroll down the page; you will find the space for Meta tags. Make use of these tags to optimize your SEO and up your game in E-commerce business.

Assuming That Traffic Will Automatically Follow In Online Store

It is not true and it does not work like that! Even if you have the best quality website, but that does not guarantee the flow of traffic unless you promote your website strategically. There are more than 4.44 billion pages on the internet and if you do not promote your site, then it can very easily get lost in the crowd. So, never forget to use all measures to promote your site and the products that you want to sell them.

There are many apps available for promotion in the Shopify store, itself and one of them is to create a banner for Shopify and promote the offers and make announcements, without spending a single penny. It will help in increasing the flow of traffic and increase the sale of your site.

Not Optimizing Images For Web

One of the benefits of using Shopify is that it optimizes the images of your site automatically, but you also need to pay close attention to the size of the image. Always make sure to compress and resize the images before you add them to the products on your Shopify store. You can use the apps available on the Shopify app store to optimize your site’s image.

No Proper Information In About And Contact Page

Let me tell you that about page are the most visited page of any site, even then most of the merchants and traders find it unnecessary to even add it to their website. Not just that, but they’re also most other mistakes around the website when it comes to adding information:

No Story

Your customers need to know about you before they buy your product. Like, who are you? Where you came from? What is special about your journey? All such information makes the customers know more about you and connect with you easily for a long time. Even a brief detail about you and our products is enough to gauge the visitors.

No Location Details

Sure, you are running an E-commerce store and do not have like a physical brick and mortar store, but still, people would like to know where your office is and where you ship from. Even though these may seem like small and unimportant factors, but they play a big role in making people trust your brand.

No Email Address

Communication through generic email is fine initially, however it is better if you have our domain name and email address. It helps in strengthening the bond of trust with the customers. It shows that you are invested in the business and here to stay.

Not Using Shopify Payment Methods

There must be multiple options to choose from as different people use different kinds of payment methods. It will only make it easier for both you and the customers to make payment. Setting up multiple payment options increases your value and customers are satisfied if they do not have to abandon their cart mid-way due to payment issues. It leads to an increase in confidence and ensures the conversions of your store. Not just that, if you are worried about the 2% that you have to pay to Shopify, then it is a great idea to include it in your product pricing.

Setting Up Google Analytics Incorrectly

Do not interrupt with the google analytics code, if you do not know anything about it. It is a must for your E-commerce site. It is better to first go through the Shopify guide to set your Google analytics right and get the correct sales information and data on certain issues requiring your attention.

Do Not Ignore the Mobile Platform!

With Mobile phones slowly becoming so common and the most common device for browsing, it is one platform that you cannot ignore. One cannot deny the power of mobile apps to keep your customers engaged. Let me tell you that with Facebook ads, mobile traffic can reach up to 80% when you plan to start your store.

All I want to say here is that when you launch an E-commerce store; do not ignore the mobile platform. Make sure to get a mobile version of your E-commerce store that is as good and as standard as the desktop version. To keep the layout intact, keep padding and extra space to a minimum. Not just that, you can add extra features such as swipeable product images and remove the excess of content to improve the shopping experience.

No Social proofs

Social proofs have become a new way of promoting products to customers. But the key here is to use them at the appropriate time to establish authenticity. So, make sure to add a review section under each product of your site. Then you can garner the reviews of the customers and add them under the review section of the product. It helps in establishing authenticity. Most of the traders do not even take the review section seriously, but if there are no reviews of certain products, it can make the buyers suspicious regarding the quality of the product!

Lastly, I would say that if you invest a bit of your time in taking care of these small but important tips right from the start, you will receive amazing returns for your investment right from the beginning. The initial phase of the business is for sure crucial at the same time. It requires a lot of planning and execution so that the customers can trust your brand and you can achieve success in business.

Author Bio: I am Alex Daro founder of Newclick. I am an Internet Technology Consultant with a strong passion for the web. Previous SWE at Marvel Studios, AOL, and, Digital Domain. I am currently consulting for media and e-commerce startups advising and developing key, strategic technology decisions. I have worked on many projects ranging from pipeline automation at Marvel Studios to developing websites and APIs for Google, Amazon, and The Huffington Post.

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