NASA’s DIY Necklace ‘PULSE’ Will Stop You From Touching Your Face

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, NASA has done its part for the humankind by developing a necklace that can stop the spread of coronavirus. NASA’s DIY necklace works as an alarm that stops the user from touching their face as it increases the chances of spread.

NASA’s DIY necklace has been named PULSE. The 3D printed necklace features a proximity sensor that starts vibrating as soon as the hand approaches near it. The vibrations get stronger with the closeness of the hands with the face.

As mentioned by Slashgear, NASA’s DIY necklace will help in developing muscle memory to help users avoid touching their face. This will be very helpful in the long run as Coronavirus is not going to fade away soon.

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The best part is that NASA has open-sourced all the instructions to develop the necklace. It has also mentioned the specific parts to create the pendant. Users can themselves assemble the pendant if they have basic DIY skills.

It is expected that we could see more companies producing this DIY device. It could turn out to be a good business opportunity.

However, the majority of health professionals have said that the pendant cannot completely stop the transmissions. Experts have urged people to wear masks whenever they are going to crowded places. People are also asked to sanitize their hands frequently to stop the spread of the virus.

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