The New Entertainment Trends For 2020

What are the most significant entertainment trends during this 2020? Certainly, the growth of the last few years has been more linked to the internet, video games, smart TV, and radio. Over the last five years, it has gone from 29.6 billion euros to 36.2 in 2019, and a further increase is expected for 2020, which has already reached the half-way point that can be considered for the data relating to the first and second quarter.

The entry of Disney Plus into the European streaming offer

One of the most significant innovations for the Italian market is represented by the launch of the Disney Plus streaming content platform. The platform, owned by The Walt Disney Company, arrived on the European and Italian market, starting from last March 24, collecting already good numbers in terms of users who have signed up for a subscription.

It is a streaming platform that actually enriches the sector of smart TVs and streaming channels, offering products of the highest level such as the Star Wars sagas, the entire Marvel Universe, the National Geographic documentaries, and of course all the Disney line, Pixar included. Something new that therefore also forced the various competitors such as Prime Video from Amazon, Infinity and above all Netflix, the leading platform in the sector so far, to further raise the bar of the offer to stay in the wake and offer the best on-demand service of films, documentaries, and TV series.

2020 is the year of the Playstation 5

Among the digital trends that are characterizing 2020, in addition to streaming platforms and video on demand channels, we naturally find the video games sector, in fibrillation due to the new launch of the Playstation 5. Sony has in fact made official the release of this model, not a simple upgrade compared to Ps4, but a real digital revolution underway.

Videogames and online games, in fact, represent the true trend of 2020, much more than cinema, films, and TV series, due to the fact that they interest an audience that is more actively involved in the entertainment context. In fact, the game is based on a different type of user, since it is not a passive audience, but an interactive and dynamic one that often has a very high knowledge of the products.

Other forms of entertainment trending in 2020

In terms of trends, it is important to remember how 2020 was hailed as the year of maximum expansion for video content, which represents over 43% of the proposal in terms of digital trends for media and entertainment. In this context, eSports, electronic sports, videogames of different genres and categories, the circuit of the game linked to online gambling  NetBet UK stand out. When we enter the field of online gaming, one of the fundamental topics is related to the field of digital security, in terms of sensitive data and methods for logging into your online accounts.

You can use different payment methods on casino.com which guarantees you the necessary security through an elaborate encryption system, to protect your sensitive data. The issue of computer security, given the use that we carry out daily through mobile devices and other types of devices, is increasingly current, in order to guarantee the user maximum efficiency in this specific operating field.

This type of speech applies both to online gaming with digital casinos, and for the creation of accounts related to other areas, such as streaming services with smart TVs and any other type of internet access, where it is necessary to enter your personal data. Things have changed a lot compared to a few years ago, when piercing a user’s account was much simpler, while today the security system has improved exponentially.

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