10 Best Android Cleaner Apps To Clear RAM And Cache In 2020

Routine maintenance is not a necessity in Android, but it surely is a good idea to brush up your Android phone from time to time. That’s where Android cleaners come in. They can boost a device’s performance, enhance battery life, and get rid of junk files.

But do these Android cleaning apps really work? In some cases, they are helpful. For instance, cache files pile up over time and need to be cleared. Also, junk from ads and image thumbnails take up a lot of space.

Android cleaner apps do an excellent job of finding unnecessary files and helping you delete them. But using them for RAM cleaning is obsolete since newer versions of Android take good care of that.

If you are using a budget phone or an older phone whose performance has slowed down, take a look at this list of the best cleaner apps for Android.

10 Best Android Cleaner Apps 2020

  • SD Maid

  • Norton Clean

  • CCleaner

  • Files by Google

  • Go Speed

  • Ace Cleaner

  • AVG Cleaner

  • Avast Cleanup & Boost

  • All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

  • Cleaner for Android

1. SD Maid

SD maid android cleaner appSD maid android cleaner appSD maid android cleaner appSD maid android cleaner app

SD Maid is probably the most underrated phone cleaner app. The app is known for in-depth cleaning of junk files on Android.

For that purpose, it offers a wide range of tools to manage extra files. Once done with cache, you can look at duplicate files, files left by previously installed apps, manage current apps and more. It also offers a brilliant device storage analyzer giving users a detailed overview of the device’s storage. The widgets help in speeding up the cleaning process.

You can also schedule the cleaning process using this clearer app for Android. However, the Scheduler and a few other features are only available to SD Maid Pro users. While the user interface is clean and structured, it might take some time to get the hang of it.

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Special Features Of SD Maid

  • Comes with a file explorer

  • Optimize database

  • In-depth file cleaning

2. Norton Clean

The Android phone cleaner app is developed by Norton, who is well-known in the security industry for its anti-virus products. You can trust the cleaner app for its efficiency as well as for safeguarding user privacy. The app has been given a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store and has over five million downloads.

Norton says it has analyzed junk file behavior of millions of apps and therefore removes junk files with accuracy. The cleaner for Android looks for residual files left by deleted apps, cache files, and more. It also allows users to remove pre-installed apps. On top of that, you will get recommendations to delete apps that you rarely use.

All in all, Norton is one of the best phone cleaning apps since removing residual junk files will ultimately give you a performance boost.

Special Features Of Norton Clean

  • Option to clear cache of individual apps.

  • Allow users to move apps to SD cards

  • Helps in removing bloatware

3. CCleaner

ccleaner androidccleaner android

The phone cleaning app not only does wonders for Android but also for Windows 10 PCs and macOS. You can remove junk, clean your phone’s RAM, and reclaim more space using CCleaner.

It gives you the option to uninstall multiple applications at once. The Storage Analyzer feature gives you a better idea of how the space on your smartphone is being used.

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Apart from the essential cleaning functions, CCleaner for Android also features a system monitoring tool. It lets you keep an eye on the CPU usage of different apps, the RAM being consumed by apps, and the device’s temperature levels.

While it’s a great cleaning app for Android, CCleaner has also been criticized for annoying users with intrusive ads and once collecting user’s data without their consent.

Best features of CCleaner

  • New update manages system permissions in a better manner

  • System analyzer provides extra benefits

  • Option to check the individual impact of each app

  • Batch uninstallation of apps

4. Files By Google

Files by Google Cleaner app AndroidFiles by Google Cleaner app Android

Files by Google is an easy-to-use trustable phone cleaner app for Android users. While cleaning junk files, the app recommends users delete old memes, photos, unused apps, and a lot more.

The best part about File by Google is that it’s a fantastic file manager and offers a fast offline file-transfer service, making it the perfect all-rounder Android app.

The app has a friendly interface that helps users manage their files and folders. But going back to cleaning, the app sends useful suggestions for files to erase before users run out of space. However, you might feel the lack of certain cleaning features compared to the other best Android cleaner apps mentioned here.

Special Features Of Files By Google

  • Smart recommendations for cleaning files

  • Also, a file manager that offers fast offline file-transfer service

  • Help you find files faster with smart filters

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5. Go Speed

Go Speed is a lightweight Android cleaner app that claims to be 50% more efficient than most boosters because of its policies to clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps, and disable stealthy auto-start apps.

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Designed with advanced monitoring techniques, the Go Speed Android cleaner can clean up and stop all those sneaky apps running in your phone’s background.

To accomplish this, the app features an app terminator that distinguishes useless pre-installed apps from important system services and disables them upon the user’s interaction.

Special Features Of Go Speed

  • Pre-installed terminator to stop bloatware from running in the background

  • A floating widget to check memory status in real-time

  • Deep cleaning of storage to remove junk files, cache files, and temp files

  • A app manager to manage rarely used apps

6. Ace Cleaner

A simple but effective Android cleaner app, Ace Cleaner can give you a new experience in phone optimization. With its highlighting features like Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler, the Ace Cleaner can boost up and maximize your phone’s performance.

It has a fantastic duplicate photo cleaner that can find similar photos in your storage and give you the option to delete them to retain your favorites and clean up space.

Special Features Of Ace Cleaner

  • Ace Boost to stop apps that automatically start

  • Integrated DND mode for muting notifications

  • A specialized cleaning tool for Facebook

  • Integrated app lock

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7. AVG Cleaner

[embedded content]

AVG Cleaner is another one of the best android cleaner apps you can try. Apart from cleaning junk, it also acts as a file manager, a memory booster and an intelligent photo analyzer that removes bad quality or duplicate photos.

The cleaner app analyses the apps that are putting a toll on the battery and asks you to either stop them or remove them, depending upon your usage. Within the app, you can easily kill background apps, thus improving the device’s performance. Apart from that, the cleaner app also has battery saver options.

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The best part is the app analytics which gives you a brief on how the app is draining battery and your usage analytics. Ads can be a little annoying, however overall it’s a great phone cleaner app.

Special Features Of AVG Cleaner

  • Automatic cleaning settings

  • File manager with storage analyzer

  • Option to hibernate apps

8. Avast Cleanup & Boost

Avast is another one of the top brass antivirus providers that also has a cleaner app for Android users. In terms of features, the app is pretty similar to AVG cleaner as it has a photo analyser, and an option to hibernate apps.

That being said, there are a few unique things about the app such as integration of cloud storage, and safe cleaning. You can also optimize the size of the images under the photo optimizer, however this feature is only available to paid users.

Special Features Of Avast Cleanup

  • Photo optimizer

  • Battery profiles

  • Cleaning adviser

9. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

All-In-One Toolbox, as the name suggests, is a multi-purpose Android cleaner app that is capable of handling a lot more than just clearing up junk files. The app has more than 30 tools to increase the productivity of your smartphone. Its system app uninstaller works even without root. Boot Speedup is a feature that let’s you choose which apps (including system apps) automatically start when you restart your phone.

Its app manager comes with options for batch uninstalling or installing apps and moving apps from phone memory to removable storage. All-In-One Toolbox aims to bring you a faster, cleaner, and smarter mobile experience on Android.

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Special Features Of All-In-One Toolbox

  • Photo compressor to reduce the space occupied by high-resolution pictures

  • Phone hardware info checker

  • Feature to identify large files stored on your device

  • Option to delete empty folders and app leftovers

10. Cleaner For Android

[embedded content]

This powerful Android cleaner app comes with a plethora of cleaning features. It can remove the cache, boost the RAM and run periodically without user intervention if you don’t prefer doing it manually all the time. Systweak’s battery saver feature can close background apps that are not being used and also show device temperature.

This cleaner app comes with an app manager that can display apps which you no longer use. You can view and delete hidden files on your device.

Additionally, you can also take backup and share files from the app. Moreover, the Android cleaner features a junk remover, duplicate file remover, app hibernator, etc. to get the most out of your device.

Special Features Of Systweak

  • WhatsApp Module for viewing WhatsApp media files in one place

  • Notification module for shutting down notifications from certain apps

  • Option to view, archive, rename and delete hidden files

  • Game booster to improve the gaming experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean cache in Android?

You can clear cache in Android by using an Android cleaner app. You can also do it manually by going into the Android storage settings or clearing cache of a particular app under the app management settings.

How to speed up your Android device?

The best way to speed up your Android device is to delete cache and junk files. Again, you can do it manually or with a help of a Android cleaner.

Do you need an Android cleaner app?

There is nothing an Android cleaner does, that you can’t do manually. That being said, it does make process easier.

Did you find this list of Android cleaner apps for 2020 to be helpful? Share your reviews in the comments section below.

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