3 Web Design Tips For Better Lead Generation Rates

These days, most of the world shops online. And not only for products – people order services, hire employees, and purchase tons of other things through the web. If you sell any product or service, you should imagine your website as your online headquarters and a tireless sales agent, who’s always there 24/7 to provide your audience with all the relevant information they need. Just to throw a few facts onto the table, about 80% of all consumers contend that before making a purchase, they check products or services on the Internet. Moreover, almost 40% of all consumers claim that when they see a poorly designed website, they leave it without checking any details.

That is, if you want your business to be successful on the market, you need to have a high-end website. Therefore, if you still haven’t launched a website for your company, it is the best time. Just think of all the people on the Internet looking for the products or services that you provide, and they can’t find your company. Where do you think they go instead? That’s right – straight to your competitors!

If you want a website that is relevant, converts, and sells efficiently for your company, you must find and hire a reliable, professional, and creative web design agency. The good thing is, there are many fantastic web design studios to choose from. And even better, there’s one for every budget. First, start by sitting down and doing your research. Then make a list of the candidates that meet your particular requirements and needs. Once you’re ready, choose the company that will surely be capable of creating a company site that can boost your online presence, client conversion rates, and ROI.

There is one more thing to consider. Just rolling out any old website won’t make you a market superstar. Your website must generate quality leads that can subsequently convert to customers. Therefore, your company’s website must be purposeful and user-friendly. It has to provide a great user experience and relevant content. We’ve compiled several tips that you should consider to make sure your website can generate leads without question.

Tip #1. Guide Visitors Through Their Journey

A lot of small business websites have only one call to action. It’s usually on the home page, but a lot of times it’s hidden deep in the website’s structure. It may be out of sight at the bottom of the page, overly complicated, or unclear. If that’s the case with your site, then it’s time for a change – ramp up your calls to action by making them visible, easy to find, and simple to fill out.

Here’s what you should consider doing:

  • Include a CTA on every page;

  • Make sure your forms have the least possible number of fields;

  • Auto-complete fields when possible;

  • Customize the CTA to the page it’s placed on.

Use strong verbs and wording that makes it clear to the user what they will get if they fill out your form.

Your call to action should not be the only way for people to get in touch with you. You may also want to include a “Contact Us” option in your header or footer and include your email address or phone number on every page. The point is, you want it to be easy for people to contact you.

Tip #2. User Experience Is the Top Priority

Creating a great user experience on your website isn’t a direct lead generation strategy, but it is something that will help you keep visitors on it long enough to respond to your CTAs and offers.

It includes:

  • Creating clear and simple menus that appear on every site page;

  • Using lots of white space to make content reader-friendly;

  • Splitting the text with images;

  • Using short, readable sentences;

  • Creating a system of internal links.

When users enjoy staying on your site, they’ll stick around. If they can’t find what they need quickly, they will leave.

Tip #3. Generate Leads via the Website’s Content

One of the best ways to generate leads is to create content that sells your business and makes people want to deal with you. You can do that by addressing meaningful topics in blog posts that let you show your expertise and discuss your provided solutions.

Before deciding what your content should be about, consider answering the questions below:

  • What problems does your business solve?

  • Why do people need help with their issues?

  • What makes your business different?

  • What advantages does dealing with you provide to your customers?

You can expand your blog’s reach by sharing your posts on social media and re-purposing blog posts as videos or infographics. There’s no reason that your website can’t generate leads every day.


Of course, the things mentioned in this article aren’t everything. There is always plenty of room to evolve, improve, and grow. However, these tips will get you walking in the right direction towards a prosperous future for your business. Take time to discuss these points with your web design agency and find out what ideas its team has, too. Together, you will be able to come up with some truly amazing solutions. As a result, your website will be slated to become a highly useful tool for your business by generating leads that will ultimately become loyal customers.

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