5 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

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5 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

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5 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

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5 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

5 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity; Our lives have become inextricably linked through the world wide web, helping us perform basic daily tasks and communicate on an entirely new level with the entire world. We use the internet to shop online for everything from shoes to homes, we chat with friends and family in different time zones, and we order food online with ease. This connectedness is something we’ve become accustomed to, and we sometimes take for granted, so we get easily annoyed when the connection is slow, or a site doesn’t load immediately.

In such an impatient world, the quality of that connection matters a good deal to every single person on the planet. Enter: the fiber optic internet, one of the most effective solutions to many of our connectivity issues. Businesses have started relying on fiber optic-based networks, whereas you can also find the very same solution for your home. In every instance, this is the kind of connectivity we’ve been looking for, and it comes with a slew of benefits for all those who use it.

1. Access to the cloud

No matter the industry, you’ll see that most companies have adopted cloud computing as the simplest solution for scalable storage, collaboration, and security. When your business grows, you can easily provide new team members access to specific files, and manage your business with greater ease and more automation. However, using the cloud takes a powerful internet connection, especially when you use it for numerous apps.

Thankfully, fiber optic connections allow you to use your cloud-based apps and systems without any hassle or delay. The upload and download speeds are the same, and the bandwidth enables you to use multiple devices and run cumbersome software processes without causing any issues.

2. Increased speed

Now more than ever, loading speed is one of the most decisive factors when companies as well as families choose their network provider. Why? Because when your kids want to play a complex video game online at the exact same time you want to follow a live stream of a major football game, and everyone has their phones connected, too, you need to know your internet speed won’t budge. To provide that kind of speed, providers such as Orange have included fiber optic connections into their offers, as well. The built-in filters can also be beneficial for families with kids to prevent them from accessing unwanted and unsafe content.

The increased speed, paired with reliability, and of course, security, means that your business or your family can enjoy delay-free access to any online content you need. Communication is seamless, and you can prevent wasting time on all kinds of setbacks older connections are so famous for.

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3. Significant security measures

If you look at the standard alternatives that have been used in business and households thus far, the security levels of those options, including copper cables and wireless connections are fairly low. It’s relatively easy to compromise such networks, leading to data leaks, security breaches, and other issues no business or individual wants to worry about. You want to know that everything you store on your devices is safe and sound, whether it’s your family photos or your business contracts.

With fiber optic, you can rest assured that security is taken care of. Since these cables are made of glass, they don’t radiate any electric or magnetic signals and cannot be “tapped into” that easily. The cost of security leaks and issues can be immeasurable, whereas preventing such problems with the choice of the right network can make all the difference.

4. A stronger signal

Although speed is certainly a critical factor when deciding what kind of a connection makes the most sense for your situation, the usage of that speed should also be evaluated: can you benefit from more speed on a single device only, or will you be able to enjoy that perk on multiple devices at the same time? It turns out, unlike your standard options, fiber optic connections come with enough bandwidth to provide a strong signal across multiple devices, letting you and your employees, or other household members enjoy the faster, safer, more reliable connection.

This translates to hitch-free conference calls with as many people involved as you need, speedy file sharing, using multiple apps at the same time, and streaming without any delays or having to sacrifice the quality of the video.

5. Resilience and greater reliability

The standard, copper-based connections are often prone to issues when there’s a weather change, such as heavy rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. These cables aren’t meant to withstand sudden or major weather changes, and even though they aren’t easily destroyed, you’ll often experience loss of connectivity or poor internet speed. All of these issues can set back any business, especially when you’re meant to have a conference call online with more parties involved, or you’re supposed to exchange and transfer data. These interruptions can cost you more than some downtime.

In these circumstances, fiber optic cables actually come with much more resilience, thus ensuring greater stability even during unfavorable weather conditions. These cables are very flexible, thin, and adaptable, making them a great substitute for the copper cables. In case you need more stability from your internet connection, fiber optic makes sense and gives you the peace of mind you need to conduct your business without interruptions and delays.

Whether you own a home-based digital business, run an office with many employees, or you’re simply looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy your internet connection at home, fiber optic connections have become one of the most sought-after solutions around the world. This is yet another example of how technology and innovation have enabled us to deliver affordably, yet high-quality solutions for individuals and entire organizations. Consider this a great opportunity to upgrade your own connection and enjoy a more secure, faster, and reliable internet access for all of your online activities.

— The article is written by Jolene Rutherford, a marketing specialist – turned blogger. She is fond of digital marketing and new technology trends. Her another article you can refer here.

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