Alibaba To Cut UCWeb Indian Operating Team After App Banned

According to reports in foreign media, Alibaba has decided to close its UC Browser and UC News operation in India.

Prior to this, the Indian government announced on June 29 that due to security concerns, they had decided to ban 59 Chinese apps, including UCWeb, Vmate, TikTok, WeChat, and Weibo.

Information from employees of the company revealed that Alibaba’s UCWeb is cutting employees in India and some of them received a notice of layoff on July 15.

Alibaba said in the notice that the termination of employment was attributed to India’s ban on UCWeb and Vmate, which hindered the company’s ability to continue providing services in India.

Indian local media reports said that UC Browser usage in India is second only to Google and India is a major market of UC Browser. UC Browser has over 430 million global users, including over 130 million from India.

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