Aliyun To Expand Data Center In Indonesia

Aliyun announced plans to enhance its layout in Southeast Asia and the company plans to expand its data center in Indonesia, establish an ecological alliance in Philippines and accelerate its entry into the Philippine market.

Over the past year, Aliyun’s market share in Asia Pacific increased from 26% to 28.2%, which was close to the combined market share of Amazon and Microsoft.

Yuan Qian, Aliyun’s intelligence international president, said that Aliyun is the largest cloud service provider in regions like Malaysia and Indonesia and they will continue to enhance investment in the future.

Aliyun established a data center in Indonesia in 2018 and it implemented a large-scale expansion in 2019. After the new expansion in 2020, Aliyun will increase its nodes to three applicable zones in Indonesia, which can provide larger scale cloud infrastructure and its disaster recovery and security abilities will also be improved.

In addition, Aliyun will enhance its support to the Philippine market and establish an ecological alliance with over 20 local partners. The company plans to cultivate more than 50,000 technical talents and help over 5,000 enterprises realize digital transformation over the next three years.

In Asia Pacific, Aliyun provides services to Indonesia’s largest e-commerce company Tokopedia, largest online game company Lyto Game, and AirAsia. So far, Aliyun has deployed over 100 cloud data centers in 21 regions around the world.

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