Facial Recognition Technology-How It Change The World Of Securities?

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Facial Recognition Technology-How It Change the world of securities?

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Facial Recognition Technology-How It Change The World Of Securities?

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Facial Recognition Technology-How It Change The World Of Securities?

Facial Recognition Technology-How It Change The World Of Securities? What we expect today can introduce tomorrow. It shows the power of science and technology that is proving that they can make our life pleasant. These techs never fail to surprise us whether launching new gadgets or some large machinery that reduce human labour.

When our data comes to in danger, the researchers begin with the various methods. Among many technologies “facial recognition technology” catches many eyes. Not only for the benefits but comes under the many controversies.

Despite the controversies, facial recognition technology is one of the most adaptable techs by the companies. Numerous firms have invested quite the right amount of money. But, we cannot neglect the disadvantages of this tech. It is crucial to understand both the aspect of it.

Let’s have a look at them.

What Is Facial Recognition Technology?

In simple words, it is a biometric technology that uses facial features to identify a person. It may seem simple, but the working is more complicated.

First, understand how it works.

Working on facial recognition technology 

1. Collect necessary details: Physical and behavioral samples

2. Extraction of information from the samples

3. Go with up to data with templates

4. Matching the face features from a model with the existing one

These are the four steps that every system has to follow. It is used by most of the businesses rather than for personal use.

The reason behind using is “NUMEROUS BENEFIT”. But it has some cons too that we will discuss later in this blog.

Now, start with benefits.

Advantages of Using Facial Recognition Technology

There are four benefits that you will understand below.

1. Boost safety

2. Make the process faster

3. No additional money required

4. Support hygiene

Let’s understand them in details. But these are leverages that both small and large firms are taking.

1. Boost safety 

It is no doubt that it provides better security. For instance, if someone whose information is not fed in the system tries to access the data, then it will reject the system. It shows that facial systems provide better security to both the company and personal details.

If you analyze at a significant level, then the government use this to catch a suspected person. Only face detection can help to detect them. And the best part is that it required no password or any other details. All things will occur automatically.

2. Make the Process Faster 

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If a human does any work, then there is a possibility of error. But, when the machine performs such activities, then the probability of generating error reduces. However, it can happen if there is a problem in the system, but such cases are hardly noticed.

It shows that when work is happening without any error, the process of work done will be rise.

3. No Additional Money Required To Hire

Handling things manually, means you have to hire two or three-person. It will increase the cost unnecessarily. But, with facial recognition technology, human labour reduces. It may need one-time investment, and you have to spend money on installation.

It can be helpful to small businesses because the hiring person introduces extra expenditure. If you are one among them, and left job to pursue your business dreams, then cost plays an active role. In such a scenario, you can bear the installation charges with small funding options from online lenders. There you can apply for unemployed loans and may get instant funds on the same day.

In this way, you can reduce the unnecessary expense to some extent.

4. Support Hygiene 

In facial recognition, there is no involvement of the physical body. It directly supports the hygiene that is good for several reasons, like:

  • Reduce the transmission of germs

  • Healthy environment

These are the significant benefits of installing facial recognition technology. Now, it is time to know about threats or limitation of it.

Limitation of Facial Recognition Technology 

Disadvantages are quite less as compare to benefits. Let’s understand them in details.

1. May Hurt The Privacy 

When it detects the human by his face that means it has all the information about you. From eye to hair, every single thing is located in the database. It is true because the technology still has to develop in many situations.

Nevertheless, many security companies bring changes and hope it will become more secure. And, will destroy the breaching factor.

2. May Provide Wrong Information 

There is no doubt it provides 100% efficiency in facial recognition, but at the same, there is has some issue. For example, multiple cameras are used to make a facial recognition platform. If anyone of them dislocates from the place, then it will reject the request.

It can create problems, but it does not happen often. This is rare care, and hardly people face it, but it is a problem.

3. Carry Much Information 

Suppose a company has a thousand employees, then this system has information about them. It carries everything from facial structure to eyes. It leads to massive data storage, which may create severe issues, like:

• Breaching factor

• Data leakage

• Privacy concerns

It could be difficult for small firms to store such a large number of data. They may run out of the data storage.

These are the disadvantages of the facial recognition system. Conversely, it does not prove that it is not worthy to install.

It is a detailed study of facial recognition technology. You can see how effective it is for both the small and large firm. However, it has some limitation, but hope that it will be recovered with time, and everyone can use it without any issues.

Description: Facial recognition deposit is one of the fastest-growing technologies of 2020. You can learn more about it on this blog (Facial Spoofing). Go through it and see how effective it is.

— The article is written by Amilie Wilson.

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