How to Boost your Social Media Marketing?

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How to Boost your Social Media Marketing?

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How to Boost your Social Media Marketing?

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How to Boost your Social Media Marketing?

How to Boost your Social Media Marketing? Social media has played a vital role in many aspects of human lives. It has brought some positive and negative impacts. However, with all of these, the greatest influence it has in this modern world is particularly in the field of business.

The power of social media gave businesses the ability to reach out to a wider audience and bring more profit to the company. It has built more jobs and employment possibilities for everyone. Its power has been more than just simply communicating with one another.

Since then, many businesses used social media to promote their brand. It has become an exhausted and crowded market for many businesses. Trying to get your brand’s name out nowadays would be a battle, as it’s tough to compete with companies who have established their presence online. Furthermore, the constant changing of social media algorithms has been a problem too.

However, as frightening as these problems may be, there are still ways a brand can increase their social media presence. There are steps business owners or marketing experts can do or implement to grow their social media account and gain more customers.

Here are simple steps businesses should follow to boost their social media marketing strategies.


There is nothing more confusing than not knowing what you want. Goal setting will help businesses determine to focus on what they need to make their companies grow. Therefore, you have to know why you want to be there in the first place.

Setting goals doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as wanting to gain many likes, spark a conversation, or encourage people to embrace change. Even Harvard Business Review has mentioned the need to set goals.

This practice will help you focus on what you need for your business without distractions.


Now that you know what you want to gain from having an online presence, it is time to know who your audience is. There are many people on social media nowadays, but not everyone can be your customers.

You have to look at your company’s products and services that you offer. With this, you’ll know who will be your target audience.

It is easy to sell products to people who are interested in them than reaching out to every single people online. You’ll only be spending effort and not turning anything into a profit.


The need to know your target audience will then help business owners determine which platform to use. There are many online platforms or social media platforms businesses can use to promote their brand. However, not every platform can be beneficial for every business.

If your target audiences are teenagers, you can use social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.


After determining who you want to target, it is time to come up with your content strategy. You have to make something that your audience can connect with.

Nowadays, people don’t like content that sounds like they are trying to sell a product. They want something that they can connect emotionally. Therefore, creating meaningful content is the best way to grab the attention of your audience.

There are different content strategies you can include in your social media posts. You can use articles, videos, or images to drive your followers to engage in your content.

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What makes one online business recognizable in social media than the other is that they plan their content. They don’t simply post anything online anytime.

If you want your post to get much like and to get noticed, you must come up with a social media calendar.

Making a social media calendar will help business owners or marketing professionals to know what to post daily. It will also help them avoid duplicate content.

Aside from making a calendar for your posting, using automated tools is also beneficial. With these tools, you can easily schedule posts even when you are busy. You don’t have to worry about forgetting not to post at the appropriate time.


Sometimes quality content is not enough. As a business, you have to make your audience know that you are human too.

There are ways to make them know the people behind the brand.

  • Comment on what people are saying about your brand.

  • Like their comments.

  • Show them behind the scenes or your team.

  • Share important information

  • Share a story about your company.

  • Show appreciation to your customers or followers.


Influencers have taken storm and have shaken social media. People become obsessed with them, that any recommendation they give is worth listening to.

These influencers are not what we used to know as celebrities or popular sports celebrity. Instead, they are people who made name online, by the use of social media. They have gained a lot of followers, and their reviews became a way for people to decide what to buy.

Therefore, many businesses tapped into the power of influencer marketing. They reach out and offer money or their product for these influencers to review or recommend.

The market for this strategy will increase this year, as many businesses noticed that investing in such will increase their return.


A simple post greeting people on holidays or posting content that is trending is one way to get more engagement.

The use of hashtags can be effective in creating content that will make your audience engage. Using these popular hashtags will draw more attention to your business.


Just like watching your website’s traffic, monitoring your social media content also counts. There are tools or software apps designed to do the job.

It will gather all the information about a post for you to know if it is working out or not. Knowing how a content works will help businesses to stop the guessing game and start posting relevant and sharable content.


If you want to jump right into social media for your business, there is no better time than now. This marketing strategy has become such a great help to many businesses, and getting into it is a great way to start. Carefully follow the rules above and watch your business grow this 2020.

— The article is written by John Ocampos, an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors.

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