New is Well But Forgotten Old, Know SMS Marketing Hidden Opportunities

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Everything New is Well But Forgotten Old, Know SMS Marketing Hidden Opportunities

Everything New is Well But Forgotten Old, Know SMS Marketing Hidden Opportunities, Benefits of SMS marketing; SMS marketing considered to boot sales, by being a very effective and cost efficient tool for large and small companies all around the globe. Knowing all the trends and new tendencies in your sphere is commendable and essential for every professional. However, it is not always a good idea to forget the tried and tested tools that once brought success. I remember how one of my ex-colleagues, a very competent marketer, always advised his mentees to try to find new features and ways of usage for traditional marketing tools.

Nowadays, marketers are continually putting efforts to identify new and profitable channels for reaching out to as many customers as possible. When searching for new tools and apps, some of them don’t realize that some traditional marketing tools can be old but gold.

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Everything New is Well But Forgotten Old, Know SMS Marketing Hidden Opportunities

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Everything New is Well But Forgotten Old, Know SMS Marketing Hidden Opportunities

One example is SMS marketing which is believed to be outdated and inefficient. However, various research statistics shows that a single text message can be a practical and fast way to reach customers.

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The current trend is email marketing, as it is very popular in this day and age. But it is worth mentioning that the average person checks their email less than three times per day, which is not enough for a marketer to deliver and get feedback from the message. Whereas a text message is directly sent to the potential customers’ phone and there’s a higher chance that they will open it straightaway.

So why and how marketers can use SMS Marketing?

SMS advertising or SMS Marketing is one of the most popular types of mobile marketing
which is developing day by day.

According to some resources, text message advertising is in the first place compared with email, Twitter or Facebook. SMS can be a great way to send information directly to your customer. A single SMS can be sent as reminders, discounts, contests and other advertising messages. Some of the industries which have already used mass text message for their business include but are not limited to E-commerce Companies, Nonprofits, Retail, Car Dealerships, Events, Political Campaigns, Schools, Religious Organizations, Food Trucks, Real Estate, Spas and Salons, Doctors and Dental Offices, Hotels & Hospitality , Restaurants, Sports Teams. The large number of industries using text message marketing shows how useful and important tool it is.

Well Planned Strategy for SMS Marketing

A well planned SMS Strategy can be highly effective which depends on a few points-

  1. We cannot imagine our lives without mobile devices. A plenty of people spend most of their day on their smartphones and other gadgets. For instance, according to Statista , 62.9% of the population of the world uses a mobile phone. 98% of all SMS messages are opened on a daily basis, while 83% are opened within 3 minutes. To feel the difference, only 24.79% of emails are opened by the customers.

  2. SMS is short and attractive. The content is usually not too long and is clear to potential customers. An additional call to action button makes the message precise, fast and effective.

  3. SMS is the most immediate and direct channel of communication with anyone who has a mobile gadget. It has a 97% reading rate in a 15 minute period of time.

SMS Marketing is comparatively affordable and due to its cost efficiency it is suitable both for large and small enterprises. 
Each day there are more and more users of smartphones and this fact has revolutionized the way marketers reach customers and text message marketing is now a very trendy tool. Companies like Facebook, Subway, Jack in the Box, Nordstrom use SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing Strategy Tactics to Boosts your Business Development 

Only knowledge about how effective SMS Marketing can be is not enough, as the need is to master some tactics to help your marketing strategy transform. If you want to get some basic skills on SMS marketing or bulk SMS strategy to the fullest, you are reading the right article. Here are some helpful SMS Marketing tactics that will remarkably change your business and make it grow rapidly.

1. Use Personalization while SMS marketing

Without a doubt, the opening and reading rate of messages is higher if they are relevant and personalized. Details like location, age, preferences and gender will make the text more relevant for your target audience and this will be a chance to establish lasting relationships with each customer.

2. Have a clear and brief message in SMS marketing

When you write brief and informative texts instead of long and boring ones, you save customer’s time. In addition, short and to the point text messages can grab attention quicker. For a marketing message, the optimal number of characters is 160.

3. Use a simple call-to-action (CTA) for SMS marketing

Well written call-to-action can make customers act in an exact manner. They can directly follow the latest promotions and visit newly opened branches or use products. One important factor to consider is that your call-to-actions should be powerful and goal-oriented, as if the SMS marketing plan is well-structured, it can bring nearly 8% conversation rate, which is 4 times more than for email.

The usage of such simple rules will not make you wait for the results.

There are a lot of options where businesses/individuals can set up their SMS marketing campaign. Usually those businesses which represent an online SMS marketing software such as SendSMS and various others, provide business messaging and mass texting services to companies ranging from local businesses to large enterprises as well as individual users in any country and give an opportunity to connect with your customers and generate new leads. The greatest advantage of this tool is its cost efficiency as it has a direct connection with a lot of MNOs all over the world.

— The article is written by Lana Petrosyan.

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