Valorant Bug Is Aggressively Demoting Players In Ranked Mode

Valorant is one of those games that gets extremely competitive, especially when you are playing the ranked mode. It’s really tough for players to perform equally well in every match and climb up the ranks in Valorant. And now, there’s a Valorant bug that is aggressively demoting players in the competitive mode, which is quite frustrating.

If you’re playing with random players, then their bad performance could be the reason for you to lose the match and get demoted. So, it was already hard enough for new players to improve their ranking in Valorant, and now we have ranking bug to worry about.

Like always, Valorant tweeted about this bug on Twitter and assured that the developers are working hard to get rid of it. As per the tweet, only displayed ranks are impacted by this bug; players will eventually get back to their original rank as soon as they win a game. However, we don’t know how long will it take for the developers to solve this issue in Ranked.

This news comes as a good news for players who are stuck on a single rank ever since the Ranked mode came out. However, most players blame this on the random matchmaking instead of the ranking system.

Most of the time, solo Valorant players get to play with people who don’t know anything about the game. Also, quite often, new players quit a competitive match in between leaving other teammates to suffer. If you combine all of that with a bug that is demoting players aggressively, players are bound to get furious.

Nevertheless, it’s a relief that Valorant acknowledged this issue and is working on it right now.

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