4 Stylish Pre Roll Boxes Design Trends

Even before the legalization of cannabis in the major states of the USA, the use of pre rolls was on peak. Due to the high cost of cigarettes, smokers use to roll the tobacco in their paper pre rolls. These days there are plenty of companies that manufacture ready-made pre rolls that can be filled easily with the tobacco. It saves the hard work of smokers in making the pre roll manually or using machines. Due to this, there is now high demand for pre rolls in the market as people buy them in small and bulk quantities according to their use.

Tobacco companies also manufacture pre rolls for medicated and nicotine cigarettes to get their market share from them. They are fragile and sensitive even more than cigarettes therefore protective Pre Roll Boxes are made for them. As the product is small and fragile it is packed in multiple quantity rather than individual pre roll due to which there are different packaging designs made for them. Few standard designs are mentioned below.

Pre Roll BoxesPre Roll Boxes
Pre Roll Boxes

Display boxes for branded pre rolls

Cardboard displays are different from the other packaging styles because they are made for the purpose of showcasing more than providing protection to the product. They are perfect for small items that do not get the customer’s attention to the retail stores. These displays are accommodating and have a large base that has the capacity to keep multiple pre rolls in them. They have double layers side panels which makes them durable and high strength even for heavy items.

As a new businessman for pre rolls, you must use for multiple benefits as they are affordable, versatile, make the products visible, and promote the brand as well. When the displays are printed with logo and other attractive printing designs, they become a perfect marketing tool for the brand. This is perfect for new brands because this is the first thing they want from the packaging so that they can build a better identity of the product with time.

When these displays are placed on the counters of the supermarket and grocery store they make the pre rolls visible in the store and get the attention of potential customers immediately. The buyer can easily take a number of pre rolls from the box and add to the cart without any complex process. This makes it very easy for the manufacturer and for the customer hence it provides a win-win situation for all.

Flip top packaging sells pre rolls in style

In a cigarette pack, there are multiple cigarettes packed and have a standard pocket size for the ease of the customers to carry along with them. Just to serve the same benefits to smokers, flip-top boxes are made in the pocket size that can be easily kept inside the pocket. Smokers can use them whenever they want and they can be customized with inserts for the sake of protection and security.

They are lighter in weight as compared to the cigarette box but look very appealing and catchy when printed with trendy colors and designs. Any amount of pre rolls can be placed in them and to offer more protection special cardboard partitions can also be customized inside them for better results. They look stylish and convincing at the tobacco store and helps in branding and advertising of the pre roll brand as well.

Dispenser style boxes for retail

As the demand of pre rolls is high, the manufacturers want to compete with other brands so they bring stylish and unique packaging for their pre rolls. One of the unique and attractive boxes styles is the dispenser style which works on the mechanism of gravity. The pre rolls keep falling down the base of the box one by one after the one is removed. This makes them look stylish to the customer entering the shop as they are mounted on the walls of the retail store.

They can accommodate even one hundred pre rolls protectively and for more quantity, you can customize them in a larger size. The design keeps the pre rolls safe from all kinds of dust and contamination because the whole structure is closed and only the opening of the box is opened for the customer to pick the pre-rolls one by one.

Die Cut BoxesDie Cut Boxes
Die Cut Boxes

Sleeve design for luxury presentation

Just like the cigars are considered as luxury smoking items there are some tobacco companies that only manufacture luxury smoking essentials for their customers. They bring the style in their products and induce fashion and style in them. Such companies produce special pre rolls that have to be presented in a very fancy outlook. The sleeve and tray design of boxes is used for such pre rolls that have inserts in them and look beautiful when the sleeve slides on the lateral direction.

All these designs can be made with the die-cutting technique and all of them are easy to assemble. Apart from pre rolls, Die Cut Boxes can also be made for different tobacco products like vape, cartridges, and other smoking accessories. You can print and customize them in different designs to get better outlook of your product and for the purpose of branding as well.

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