Dangers of Internet for Young Kids and The Use of Parental Control App to Deal with Them!

The internet can be a source of various potential dangers, especially for our kids. Parents need to make their children understand the consequences of misuse of the internet. Here is a list of the potential dangers associated with using the internet improperly, which parents must consider before allowing their kids to use the internet.

1. Temptation towards Sexting

Sexting is becoming dangerously common among teenagers. It causes severe consequences and is rightfully declared illegal. Still, teenagers feel a temptation towards sexting. They exchange several explicit images using instant messaging apps provided by the internet.

An image shared while sexting often becomes a source of blackmail and harassment. A harassed person might be threatened to do as the blackmailer wishes. Such pictures can be sent to a lot of people through the internet.

The misuse of the internet causes the risk of damaging the reputation of the person. Defaming an innocent is incredibly easier by using the Internet. It should be a parent’s primary responsibility to look after the kid’s internet activities. Parents need to ensure the Internet safety for teens in order to keep them away from such deeds.

2. Online Predators

Internet provides exposure to a great variety of people and not all of them are going to be a well-wisher of your child’s safety. Often predators manipulate young kids and win their trust. They are extremely dangerous and can cause lasting damage to our kids.

Predators can also get information about our teen’s day to day routine by social networking sites where most teens put all their private information publicly and become vulnerable to the wrath of such criminals.

3. Gaming Addiction

Internet gaming addiction can make children irritable, aggressive and stubborn. They face difficulty in securing good grades in school and become detached to all the other activities of life. They mostly focus on playing internet games and even ignore their health to do so.

Parents can take benefit from parental controls in reducing their kid’s addiction to internet games. Mobile parental control apps prove to be exceptionally beneficial in combatting kid’s screen obsession.

Parental Control App – one Solution To Fight All The 3 Dangers

Look closely and you will find them using the internet on their very personalized devices such as tablets and cell phones. Hence, to keep them safe from all these dangers, it is recommended that you make use of the FamilyTime parental control app. With this app in hand, parents can:

  • View browsing history of their kids

  • Check bookmarks and favorites saved in their browsers

  • Put web filters to keep kids away from inappropriate content

  • Monitor call logs with all the details

  • Check call timing along with date stamps

  • Check SMS history any time

  • Put screen locks at bedtime

  • Put locks at school hours

  • Watchlist contacts

  • Receive alerts on any contact in the Watchlist contacts list

  • Check all their installed apps

  • Check the app version and date of installation for the apps

  • Block harmful apps and games either temporarily or permanently

FamilyTime parental control appFamilyTime parental control app

And this does not bring the list of FamilyTime features to an end rather, there is a lot more that parents can do with this app in hand. To know what are other offered features, get the app now. You can install the FamilyTime – parental control app on your phone by downloading it from the app store on your phone.

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