Monday A Virtual Collaborative Software for Web Apps

Ever wondered why our digital world still continues to be a disoriented and disorganized place. Well, the answer to this simple question can be found by pointing to several web applications that sit across our laptops and PCs and just how cumbersome it is to find and organize them. Streamlining these web applications to augment our efficiency has become a colossal challenge considering that today there are simply too many web applications to handle and there is an equally great number of links to work through. Eventually jumbling between these web apps and links most often slows down the pace and sometimes even brings our work to a grinding halt to leave us frustrated and exasperated.

Rolf Larsen, chairman and founder of DNS Global and the dot, empathized with this irritant yet perplexing problem so much that he made the firm resolve to solve this pain point. Driven by the entrepreneurship zeal, this quest led to the birth of a SaaS-based product. This product christened as is essentially a simple software that organizes all your web apps and links in a neat, organized, and de-cluttered with an aim propel your productivity to northwards.

Like all software, this software comes with its own share of features that probably shows immense promise for improving our web life to a great extent. To see whether these features really cut the ice or not, we briefly checked them out, and following are some of the qualities that these features bring forth.

Intuitive UI:

It boasts such user-friendly UI and interface that it enables all its users to access all their web apps and links with just one click. This means that now you don’t have to spend too much time in searching and finding your desired apps. Simply sign in to your Desktop account and your apps and links are ready for your use.

Use it Across all Devices:

Given that the term Desktop is more identified with PCs and laptops. The name may come as a misnomer for many. But this SaaS software can be accessed through all devices including mobile devices and tablets. In a way, this SaaS software makes you device independent by ensuring that all your well-organized web apps follow you on all your devices.

Single Sign-On (SSO):

While it is compatible with all devices, it doesn’t necessitate separate login for each device. There is a single login for all the multiple devices, which is again a liberating feature that frees you from the needless inconvenience.

Auto-Organizes Content:

It spares its users from the hassle and inconvenience of creating tags, folders, and categories. It does all these automatically and on its own through its unique content auto- organizing feature and thereby giving you little more extra time to do something more valuable.


Currently, Desktop comes with only a single plan that charges $8 per month under the business. But prospective customers can soon expect new plans in the coming months.


It is an open secret that the need for an organized and non-cluttered desktop has been long overdue and with its great utility feature might be an answer to this intense need to have a software that streamlines our web apps. This SaaS software might actually prove to be a blessing for small businesses as they greatly rely and depend on web applications for increasing their daily output.

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