How New Sextech Companies Want to Supplant Real Sex

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Sextech Companies Want to Supplant Real Sex

Sextech companies figure out how to give people fantastic orgasms that will outshine real sex and possibly reduce the number of sex crimes. The newest branch of the sextech industry is called deep sextech. If you dive into the world od advanced sex technologies, you will find yourself on a mystical trip that will impress you with its size and approaches. Yes, it’s about sex toys. But also about so much more.

  • The start of a new era

The old approaches to the sex industry were non-technological. It was a purely anatomical approach: toys imitating genitals with vibrating elements. You could engage in virtual sex during Russian dating online and satisfy your needs remotely using toys. Then this trend split into three: simple body parts for people who prefer everything natural, dolls that became more expensive, and separate vibrating elements that focused on pure stimulation (balls and micro vibrators, rings).

At the moment, dolls are not considered high-tech in sextech. They are now focused not on the sex experience for all their high cost and sophistication, but on satisfying kinesthetic needs and replacing emotions. This is not about orgasm, it’s about a complex of all sorts of sensations and does not target sex requests, but rather the inability or unwillingness to start a relationship. Or to implement requests that a living person cannot implement.

Such toys will have a steady but limited demand. And such products are being looked at by governments in the hopes that they will help reduce the level of sexual crimes, especially violent ones. Most likely, it will have a limited but steady demand.

  • What do we have now?

A new generation of toys has gone further and decided to take a shelf in every bedroom, focusing on new ways to stimulate erogenous zones. The leader in this segment is now Womanizer (the German company that created the vacuum stimulator). It spends a huge amount of money on research and even allows returning the device if it does not induce orgasm. The catch is that refunds can be made between 30 and 35 days of ownership. With a considerable price of $ 200 + for a toy, the level of returns does not go beyond 0.1%, which is even less than the USA’s average returns under the consumer protection law in the market.

The device is almost guaranteed to induce an orgasm even in women who previously could not get it. Funnily enough, insurance will soon be covering the purchase of these prescription devices.

  • The new approaches to masturbation

Womanizer is only the first company to hit the segment, and soon there will be many such devices on the market. Even though they have patents for vacuum stimulation, many unexplored stimulation methods and complex algorithms exist there too.

But even this is not considered high-tech now. The most advanced companies focus on fully autonomous work. While the Womanizer allows a woman to find the optimal mode and points of application, then the new generation is looking for these things on their own using feedback from the neuro interface.

This allows you to experience sensations that are not available in any other way. And according to the reviews of those who tested it (so far only women), they dd not just get explosive multiple orgasms, but had the effect of a “nuclear explosion.”

Next-generation companies want to exclude physiological sex from everyday life altogether, making it a pale parody of sensations. Separate the emotional and tactile sensations from the orgasm itself. As a side effect, they expect a decrease in wrong decisions based on sexual dissatisfaction, which is irreversible.

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