3 Factors for Designers to Ponder to Avoid any Discrepancy in Designing for E-commerce Portals

The job of a designer is very crucial for the success of any e-commerce portal. The reason is simple; visitors on any e-commerce shopping portal look for a good presentation about the product in which they are interested. There are hundreds and thousands of e-commerce websites offering their services. But all of us select only a few of them and prefer to buy from only those websites. A nice presentation is one of the reasons behind it.

The products and services offered by e-commerce portals are roughly the same. But when you notice the difference between their sales and how they attract their target audience, you will consider web design as a primary feature. That’s why you need the services of professionals in this field to come up with a great design for your website.

It doesn’t matter in which city you are trying to establish your business. Whether it is a big city like Dubai or a small town in the Middle East region, the preferences for the buyers are nearly the same. They look for good design and after that, look for discount offers to save some money. 

The following are the top three factors that designers need to keep in mind. You can term them as sort of mistakes too that are committed by designers. So, to produce a brilliantly designed shopping portal for their customers, designers need to be wary of these facts. 

1. Don’t Assume that the Visitors Know Everything

This is one aspect that can probably be termed as the biggest mistake of designers. Also, it can be termed as the negligence of website owners, except that the visitors know everything and take them for granted can be a grave error by designers. They think that most of the website visitors will know where they have to look for products, it’s descriptions, and related videos, for example.

When the visitors start browsing our website, they look for direction in terms of navigation and visual aspects to where to go. Right from checking out the product description and all the details about it to getting to the order page, things need to be simplified for the visitors. And the design plays a pivotal role in this regard.

Designing for the Potential Customers

We all know that every person visiting a website can be a potential customer forget company. While the chances are very low and a maximum of 2%-5% of the visitors may convert to be the customers, and this is also the highest one can go, the companies need to keep on trying and attract all of them. That’s why the design needs to be impeccable along with good offers that the visitors can’t refuse.

Think about how you can make this process easy, and it is the job of the designers to help website owners in making this happen. This is one reason why every business needs the services of an experienced Dubai website design company. In this way, they will be better off so that they get the services of a company that has a track record of offering the best support to their customers.

In a nutshell, don’t ever make a mistake mentioned above. On the contrary, you need to give the best support to your customers, and that’s why the role of the designers in this consent is of great importance. 

2. Design Exclusively for the User

This point may surprise some of my readers because of the fact that it looks in contradiction with everything that I have discussed so far. Actually, it is not, and that is what I am going to discuss now. The design of a website must be following what the visitors would like to see. But too much reliance and inclination towards this factor will make it monotonous and not worthy enough.

Let me quote you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

Visitors on any e-commerce website like to see design and graphics that complement the featured products and services. But too much reliance on making the design satisfy the needs of the customers can sidetrack the designer from his original job. As a designer, if you are looking to create a website dealing in apparel, you need to think about giving it a right look rather than making every effort so that it can satisfy the needs of the potential customers.

The color of the website, its theme, and layout must be in accordance with the standard practice. If you are targeting teens and young adults, don’t try to use very bold colors. Although the design must be peppy and youthful, there is no need to overdose it. Furthermore, the graphics and videos used must also be created to keep the right balance between design and how it can attract the customers, dealing with all the design elements perfectly.

3. The Usability Factor

This point is the culmination of how a website must be made and can be termed as a mixture of the two factors mentioned above. This is not a mistake, but rather the effort of the designer must be centered around it. The user experience of a website must be impeccable, and that’s where the usability factor comes into play. 

Designers in their bid to impress their customers come up with an intrinsic design. Every time the designers are expected to come up within out of this world design and experience that will blow the mind of the visitors of any website. But that can’t be the case with every website that we visit. A simple enough website can also get the attention of its target market just like a website having all the razzmatazz.

The design needs to be developed, keeping in mind the user and what the website requires. So, a design that does not exactly look out of this world can also attract its target audience, provided it is made smartly and after a lot of research. The competitors’ website is one aspect that designers need to think of before they create a website for any business. In this way, they can come up with a great design that can make all the difference in the success of any e-commerce portal.

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