Best Tools and Software for Data Analysis

Data analysis is a practice of establishing the relationship between numbers and your current business. It is crucial to figure out where you are and what you need to improve to reach out to your goals. Data analysis will help you make decisions based on current trends. For instance, if you would like to know how your target audience responds to the marketing of a particular product, you need to analyze data.

With the help of data analysis methods, you can know the causes of particular events and understand your objectives and directives for your business. Data analysis is not as easy as it seems. You need to invest in software and tools to explore stories and ideas about the data. Advanced technology has made it easier for businesses to get an insight into it.

Whether you are tracking inventory, analyzing customers’ buying habits, and the outcome of marketing campaigns, data analysis software can help get a deep insight into them and improve your business. Before you get to know about data analysis software, you must understand why you should analyze data.

  • Data analysis has made better targeting possible. It can help you understand what methods of advertising have a significant impact on your customers.

  • You can get to know the type of people who are demanding your product and hence get an insight into your target audience.

  • It is likely to give you an idea of future trends that serve as a basis for innovating new products.

  • You will get an insight into areas of your business eating up a lot of funds. It will help whittle down the operation cost.

You have got to know why you should run data analysis methods, but finding the right software for data analysis is not that easy. This blog discusses some of the best tools you can consider to pick.


It is the best software if you want to get a full picture of your business. This is an ideal solution for both individuals and organisations. Here are the features of Tableau:

  • It comes in three versions: Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Online.

  • Tableau Prep can format and clean your data to make it readable. It makes the job of data analysis easier.

  • Tableau Desktop can connect to data in the cloud. You do not need to write a code to combine different data. If you are a power user, you can split and manage metadata to optimise it.

  • The Interactive dashboard can help uncover hidden insights. It can quickly reveal everyday opportunity.

  • Tableau Online will enable you to share your discoveries online with anyone. Since it is a completely hosted solution, you will never have to configure server and manage software upgrades.  


Whether you are a start-up or an established business, Cluvio is a cloud-based analytics platform. It uses SQL and R to analyse your data. Dive into the database to get a ton of information. You can set push notifications to get alert as your business experience a sudden drop in the number of orders and revenue. Here is how it works:

  • All you need to do is share the dashboard with all your team members within the company to make data-driven decisions.

  • You can schedule the sharing of report through email. It will allow you to explore data in granular details.

  • Since it uses R, it can give more flexibility and control while digging deeper into statistical report.


Data analysis is crucial for all types of organizations. Financial companies are no exception. Sisense can help financial managers evaluate the risk, no credit scores, and find out real-time customers’ behavior to make a strategic decision. The risk factor is always high when it comes to lending money to people.

Further, financial companies cannot afford to sign off on, for example, 100% guaranteed loans without analyzing credit scores. With the help of data analysis tools, financial institutions spend less time collecting financial data and understand the repayment behavior of borrowers. By having insight into such details, you can make a strategy to boost your revenues.


Regardless of the size of your company, making sense of your data has never been as easy as suggested. Thanks to data analysis software like Datapine that has made it faster and easier. It comes with all features that you need to visualize your data in a professional way. Since data is not stored in one place, it is hard to combine it to visualize and interpret to make an informed decision, but Datapine can allow you to merge different data sets into structured data. Here are the key features of Datapine:

  • It comes with a visual drag-and-drop interface.

  • It is blessed with predictive analytics features.

  • It has intelligent alarms that can immediately notice when something unusual occurs like a drop in sales.


This software can help with data blending. It will help organize, clean, and analyze data. since data is found in different places, this tool is extremely useful to pick it from different sources to combine it to make a strategy for further improvement in your business. Here are the key features:

  • It provides a flexible server, which means it is compatible with both on-premises and cloud.

  • It consists of a lot of data discovery tools to make the process of data collection, integration, and combination better and faster.

Data analysis is crucial regardless of the size of your company. It will allow you to make a robust strategy for the growth of your business.

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