Definitive Guide: How to Quickly Rank Your Youtube Video

In this digital world, it’s imperative to rank your business in the first place and there are different platforms who are helping your businesses. Among different applications, youtube is the best to reach your audience. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It has 2 billion logged-in monthly users. People spend a lot of time browsing youtube, and each visitor spends almost 11 min 24 sec every day. Youtube users upload 500 hours of video every time.

This is the most successful application. Also, it is the right platform to promote your brand. YouTube is the best channel that serves the company’s video content and allows your brand to present your product on a greater scale. But it’s necessary to rank high after creating the youtube video. Advertising rights and making the video more appealing is the demand for the business. If you are not advertising it right, then it is possible that you do not get the point audience to your channel. 

This is like you are making an effort, but you don’t know how to put your content in the right place. Youtube for SEO helps to boost up the rating of your videos and increase the prospects. So the question is !! how to make your video appealing to increase the youtube views.

In this article, we are going to review the guide to quickly rank your Youtube video.

Guide to Quickly Rank Your Youtube Video

Let’s get started !! 

Youtube Keyword

Content on youtube matters a lot while optimizing the video. So choosing the appropriate keyword is essential for your business. Whenever you generally go to youtube and start typing a keyword in the search box. This means conducting keyword research helps to find out what your audience is interested in and how they talk about it matters a lot.

Youtube suggests popular searches. Do the keyword search first before adding content, and choose the right keyword and it will get the organic views on your channel. You can use a google keyword planner to check the searches of keywords. Try to add the short-tail keyword and optimize them correctly. It will give live traffic views.

Add Thumbnails

Youtube thumbnail is the cover of the video that is uploaded to your youtube channel. The thumbnail is the only image that gives people an idea of ​​what they’re about to spend their time watching. Mostly youtube automatically generates a thumbnail, but if you don’t like them you can make the changes in font and style according to you. Thumbnails are easier to scan and organize than their full-size counterparts.

You can click on the thumbnail if the viewer is interested to expand the image and see the full picture. Thumbnails make the pages more viewable and also allow your viewers to have control over precisely what they want to see. So this is the best approach to promote your youtube channel.

Use Tags 

YouTube tags are also known as video tags. The words and phrases give the context of a video. These are considered the most critical ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm. Youtube allows us to use tags. The total character limit across all the cards must be less than 500 characters, and videos should have 5-8 tags. 

Use Descriptive Playlist 

The playlist is the additional feature that helps to organize your youtube channel and keep the employees connected. A playlist is a group related to youtube videos that tend to be organized by topic or theme. When a user sees a playlist, the other videos in that playlist will automatically play.

This helps to organize your video collections on YouTube when it comes to achieving greater visibility to your channel’s content. Playlist feature assists in group videos of a similar topic. 

Choosing a keyword-focused title and correctly describing the playlist. It will make everything easier for your viewers, which helps to separate the videos by subject and popularity. 

Add Retention Videos

To rank high, you need to add the retention videos so that you can engage the maximum viewers. You can improve the video retention in different ways such as: Adding the right video length etc, right keyword stuffing. Add relevant videos, add subtitles etc.

Add Subtitles

Adding subtitles can bring a great change in your youtube ranking. This will help to boost your rankings in YouTube’s search results.

You can add the right keywords in your content. The keyword stuffing helps your youtube ranking to rank high and make your content approachable in the first search. Adding subtitles can make the content more understandable to non-native English speakers.

You can add the subtitles which makes your video more enticing to users and they can understand every factor of the video correctly.

Better Video Description

Description can make a big change in your video. Always create the descriptions not more than 150 to 250 words. Add the related keywords and add the call-to-action in the last. This will make your video more visible. 

The most important aspect while adding video description is that it should not be in the longer form. You should add the video sentences that should be appealing and likable. This is important so that users approach your video with the right description.

Upload Frequency

The other aspect is to upload the youtube video with better frequency. This factor can take your business to peaks. The upload frequency shows how frequently you upload the video on the youtube channel. The active channel has more videos for better YouTube SEO. This results in a very good basis for a high YouTube ranking.

Wrapping Up

Audience prefers the video that is more visible. So it is critical to keep your marketing strategy up. Hopefully, this article gives you the best knowledge of what is required to achieve the goal. Try to add the good quality content which entertains and educates the users.

Your suggestions and queries are welcome. So feel free to ask the question in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading !!

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