Here’s Why Tableau is Considered As The Best BI Software

The rapid trend for digitalization and the need to establish data culture in the organizations has got many industry leaders reinventing their business processes to make more and more use of the hidden insights. Leaders now understand the significance of data-science and data-driving tools to make a revolution in the growth and success of the organization. Business Intelligence tools utilize the data generated during the course of work and transform it into meaningful insights to help businesses achieve their goals.

Now since the BI tools have become a necessity to many businesses, there’s a lot of competition related to BI tools in the market too. Yet, among a lot of Business analytics software, Tableau BI software has been a leader’s favorite and has been recognized as the best BI tool by Gartner for seven years in a row.

Those who haven’t used Tableau wonder what makes tableau so popular among the leaders and what’s causing its ever-growing popularity in the market. If you too are willing to explore the answers to these questions, then this blog is for you. Here, we’ll take a dig at Tableau BI software, the way it creates the visualizations and analytics, and finally the advantages of having it in place that makes tableau rocking the market. 

SO, let’s start by understanding the software.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is self-service business intelligence software, known for transforming unstructured raw data into creative visualizations. We call it a self-service BI platform because it renders the users the freedom to customize the data analytics as per their unique business needs and objectives. The best thing about this BI software is that it converts the complex data silos into easy to read and share format without using complex coding and technical programming. From manufacturing to supplying, it is a one-size-fits-all solution for all kinds of industries, whether it is food and beverage, chemicals, pharma, healthcare, jewelry, etc. 

The Tableau product suite includes the following products and is purchased by the organizations as per their specific needs and business objectives.

Tableau product

How Tableau Creates Visualization?

Tableau software connects and extracts data from various sources simply by drag and drop methodology without involving any complex coding and technicalities. It can connect to any platform from a simple excel spreadsheet and pdf to complex databases like Oracle, Cloud platforms including, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure SQL, Google Cloud SQL, etc. 

Followed by ready data connectors are made available to users to connect the software to the database once tableau is launched. Then the data extracted is connected to the live Tableau product and the data analyst works on the report to create smart visualizations using various smart art options and in-built tableau visualization suggestions. Also, various dashboards are created by the users that are then shared with the other team members. The viewers use the dashboards and read the data via Tableau Reader.

The data then can be published to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop, which supports various features such as collaboration, distribution, security and governance of data, etc. And finally, the reports are made accessible to the end-users via Tableau server only.

Now that we know well what Tableau is and how it works, it is time now to understand the key factors that make Tableau, everyone’s favorite BI software.

Benefits of Tableau BI Platform

From the never-ending list of benefits of adopting Tableau as the trusted BI software, below are the few highlighted ones. Let’s have a look at the same:

1. Visualizations

With a range of visualizations and smart art options available in the software, tableau can make any complex to read and understand data easy to understand visualizations. 

2. Predictive Analysis

Unlike other BI software that renders analysis based on the current data, Tableau goes a step ahead to render the user a futuristic analysis of the business situation, or trend in the market, so as to take the necessary steps. 

User-friendly Interface: Many BI platforms that are efficient too are complex to use, and this is where Tableau is proving itself a game-changer in the industry. Not just it’s an efficient BI platform, but, it also renders a user-friendly approach to users while creating the visualizations. 

Connectivity to Sources: Tableau has been able to make its reorganization in the Industry because of its unconventional connectivity to multiple sources and fetching data just by drag and drop technology without involving any hardcore coding. This makes operating the software for even a non-technical person, easier. 

3. Fast and Easy

This is one of the most basic requirements of the data analysts but often hard to find in the software. But, tableau ensures the reports generated are accurate while maintaining the speed of generating reports.

The bottom line is that Tableau is one of the fastest-growing and best Business Intelligence Software in the market today and is used by most of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Not just it is easy to understand and operate but is also an efficient suite in itself. So, why wait, talk to your trusted Tableau partner, and find out your suitable subscription pack. 

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