Top 10 ATS Software In India

An applicant tracking system ( ATS ) is software that enables recruiters to navigate all job openings, applicant CVs, vendors, and keep track of them while automating their overall recruitment process. It also acts as a CV database, allowing recruiters to scan for the right profile, reviewing the resumes, and assists them in shortlisting suitable applicants. 

While earlier the ATS was predominantly used for CV screening and shortlisting, with technological development, these tools now come with some more interesting features such as interview scheduling and applicant monitoring as well. These new technologies are essential for the integration and management of the recruiting process. There are endless numbers of ATS commercially available, and it takes much research and careful analysis to pick the best out of them. We’ve compiled the top 10 recruiting tools in the industry to automate the job and enlisted them here, ready for your reference. 

1. Zoho Recruit  

Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive applicant tracking system that simplifies the recruitment process for both corporate as well as staffing firms. Recruiters can quickly handle candidate info, compile, screen, and shortlist applicants with Zoho Recruit in the minimal time possible. Zoho even offers effortless communication through the integrated email, text, and phone alternatives to constantly stay connected with the candidates.

2. Hirecraft  

Hirecraft is one of the most prominent tools for talent acquisitions in India. It is a user-friendly recruitment software that provides services to a broad corporate and consultant clientele. The software can be used in either of the ways, as on-premise or as a cloud-based version. Hirecraft has specifically developed TALLINT software to help handle the outsourcing of salesforce, talent acquisition, workforce procurement, and project management. TALLINT’s talent acquisition platform allows companies to navigate the whole lifecycle of the talent acquisition phase right from planning and recruitment to hiring and training. 

3. Keka HR 

Keka is the best HR & payroll software available to companies of any size. It is a digital next-generation platform, based on customer experience and simplifying dynamic workflows, unlike conventional HRMS frameworks. It is known to be an employee-centric platform with an intuitive recruitment management system that offers various features such as sourcing applicants, creating candidate profiles, scheduling interviews, developing scorecards, offer management, and onboarding candidates.  

4. Talent Recruit  

Talent Recruit is an ATS company based in India with its headquarters in Bangalore. The company offers a robust and extensive recruitment platform that is fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Talent Recruit is a highly scalable solution that can be tailored to serve the diverse requirements of the client. This AI-driven platform uses machine learning mechanisms to allow the system to comprehend shortlisting trends of recruiters in order to improve the recruitment success ratio. 

5. Naukri RMS  

Naukri RMS, an asset of, is a cloud-based, easy-to-use, modern applicant tracking system that automates the whole recruitment process right from the point of a job opening to releasing the offer. RMS’s customizable workflows and sophisticated development features make it an efficient tool for hiring. As an innovative recruiting tool Naukri RMS saves time and money, streamlining the hiring process as a whole. 

6. Freshteam  

Freshteam is a cloud-based HR and applicant tracking solution by Freshworks. This framework enables recruiters to source, screen, interview, and ultimately recruit the candidates. It makes the job easier for hiring managers with readily available email templates to be sent to the selected candidates. Users also have the option to view the current number of openings, set applicant notifications and submit feedback updates to panel representatives, and so on. 

7. HRMantra  

HRMantra is one of the most feature-rich HR and recruitment software. Whether you are posting an online job opening or conducting campus recruitment, HRMantra’s applicant tracking system has got it all covered. With various features such as sourcing candidates, screening, designing tests, and mass emails, it becomes easy for HR personnel to execute this process efficiently.  

8. Talentpool  

Talentpool offers end-to-end candidate monitoring tools to help you quickly overcome the hurdles of keeping the candidates engaged while identifying the best talent for the organization. It helps you to source direct and indirect applicants across sources such as job portals, career websites, referrals, social networks, or consulting firms. Automated selection, assessment, and onboarding procedures help you easily get the best candidates on board.

9. RecruitPro 360  

RecruitPro is the application for recruitment consultants, agencies, and service firms. It lets you build your own process, workflow & knowledge databases and combine all of them effortlessly to help you hire your way around. It’s quite easy to upgrade the software according to your changing needs, and anyone from your team would be able to do it quickly.  

10. TalentCube  

TalentCube is an easy-to-use ATS framework developed to manage recruitment Excel free. This applicant tracking system is the best source for conducting ‘no-touch’ automated tests to easily weed out the suitable applicants. 

However, it is very significant that you end up choosing the right tool that satisfies your organizational requirements and helps you improve your hiring process. We hope this list helps you find the right fit! 

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