What is Facebook Remarketing & How it works?

What is Remarketing?

As the name suggests, Remarketing is the process of retargeting the users who have visited your website already. So by using the remarketing ads you can retarget the users with the custom ads. Remarketing is available in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other platforms as well. Remarketing is one of the main approaches to making the users visit your business website again and literally buy from you. As a business owner, you should give more importance to the remarketing ads as you give to targeted ads.

You can create remarketing ads

based on the website data, email id’s of the existing customer, based on any

specific events on your website.

image Source – Softcube

From the above image with a recent survey, it’s very clear how mobile advertising is growing over the years. Hence as a business person, you should make sure that you have some plans for Facebook Targeted Ads and for Remarketing.

How Facebook Remarketing Works?

Facebook Remarketing is the process of showing custom ads to users who have visited your website previously. This is done by integrating the Facebook Pixel code on the business website. By using the Remarketing data, you can custom target the audience based on the different products/services which you are offering.

For example, let’s take an example. Say if you are running ads for an SEO Agency like ClickDo and providing different services. So by using the Facebook Pixel data, you can segregate the audience and show different types of ads to the people who have visited different services pages like SEO, Web Design, PPC, etc.

For instance, as per the above example if you would like to offer a 50% offer in SEO Services and If you would like to show the ads only to the users who have visited the SEO service page. Then you can do that by using Facebook Remarketing.

Similarly, you can retarget

the users based on the different pages in your website and custom target the


About Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is the short piece of code which when integrated into your website will keep track of all the users who are visiting your website.

By using the Facebook Pixel

data, you can retarget the users who are in the remarketing audience set. Even

you can track the events inside your website with the help of the Facebook


The above image shows the sample Pixel data of a website. So this is how it will look like and it will show the similar data of Google Analytics like how many events it has received over a period of time. So based on this Facebook Pixel data, you can easily estimate the reach for your ads when you use this audience set.

Not only the small business website but even large eCommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba also invest more on the remarketing to increase their sales. Like when you visit Amazon and search for any product, then you will see the same product as an Ad by Amazon when you visit Facebook/Instagram instantly.

This is how they use the remarketing strategy to show the custom ads based on the products that the users are looking for and increase sales.

Boost your conversions with Remarketing Ads

Either if you are running product-oriented business or service-oriented business. The main goal will be to drive more traffic to your website and get conversions from it. Let’s take an example, say if you have a business website which receives more traffic from Google organically.

In this case, remarketing will be more effective. You can plan with minimum budget and laser target the audience with custom ads based on the pages which get more traffic. Because the user who is going to see your remarketing ad will already be aware of your brand since they have visited your site earlier.

So it all about a matter of conversions. You can make the users return to your website and inquire by showing the custom remarketing ads with some best offers. This is how you can smartly make the existing website visitors revisit your website and inquire your business. Top Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond has mentioned online that he uses these remarketing strategies to gain more conversions for his web hosting company, SeekaHost.

About Google Remarketing Ads

With respect to the Facebook

Remarketing ads, you can able to show custom ads about your business in the

Facebook & Instagram mediums. At the same time, If you would like to

retarget the audience in other mediums, then you can use the Google Remarketing.

In Google Remarketing, you can show custom ads for your previous website


You may have the question like

where the users will see your customs ads, the answer is Google will show your

business ads for the target users in all kind of websites which is partnered

with Google to show eligible ads.

This may include sites like blogging sites, news sites, magazine sites, and many more. In other words, sites that are approved by Google AdSense are eligible to show remarketing ads. This is also called as display ads in Google search.

In a recent survey, it is found that most eCommerce platforms around the world make more sales with the help of the remarketing ads than the targeted ads. Users from the remarketing ads tend to make purchases than first-time visitors. Hence remarketing is one of the best ways to retarget the users and make conversions.


So as a business owner, you should plan for the remarketing ads if your website already has good traffic organically from Google. You can hire the expert digital marketing Consultants like Dinesh Kumar VM ( yes, it’s me J) from ClickDo and can get started with the marketing campaigns.

Not only the Facebook Remarketing Ads, but you can also plan for Google display ads, YouTube ads, and target the users who have visited your website previously and make them revisit your website.

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