Why Are HRMS Software The Need of The Hour?

Undeniably, the COVID 19 crisis has caused havoc across the world, pushing countries into prolonged lockdown, and the business world into crisis. Widely seen as the worst global economic fallout, the unprecedented coronavirus has impacted millions of companies and Indian firms are no exception. 

While the unforeseen & disruptive onset of this pandemic is affecting every industry today, advanced technologies are emerging as mainstream lately. More and more companies are relying on technology in general and HRMS software in particular. Talking about HRMS software, they are revolutionizing businesses through exceptional features, especially during this tough time. 

Before installing such software into your business, here is everything you must know:

Human Resource Management System

First thing first, one should thoroughly know the exact meaning of HR Management Software? 

HRMS manages every essential and tedious HR function of a company. From updating employee data to carrying out crucial processes, HR professionals can significantly manage things in just a few clicks using HRMS. 

When a company grows, there comes an inevitable point where managing employee data and processes become complex. This is when HRMS software helps the most! 


There are multiple reasons why companies find HRMS a necessity for their business. They are as follows:

  • Attendance Management System 

Needless to say, this is one of the most important components of HRMS software. It not just makes attendance tracking efficient but also saves a large chunk of time. With real-time and accurate tracking, a business can potentially lower the risk of attendance mistakes that lead to expensive payroll errors. 

  • Payroll Management System 

Managing employees’ financial records may sound easy but only an HR manager knows the challenges he/she faces in carrying out this process. Presently, when every company is working from home, payroll management and processing have become more complicated than ever before. However, HRMS facilitates HRs with ease, thus, letting them manage employee payroll efficiently. While traditional tools make this process extremely time-consuming, the right software makes it hassle-free and faster.

  • Employee-Self Service 

Employee Self-Service Software (ESS) allows employees to enter their personal/basic details on the database and access them anytime, anywhere. Encouraging employees to be self-dependent in turn takes off the workload from the HR’s shoulders. 


Nearly every organization, be it small or large, benefits from using the right HRMS software. Here are the top three ways such software help a business:

  • Saves Time

Since the HRMS Software is automatic, a company does not have to worry about anything as they work all by themselves. For example, one of the well-known HRIS software, HROne requires no human interference, thus saving a lot of time for the HR managers that can be utilized in other proactive tasks

  • Data Management

Managing the sensitive data of employees is yet another important but challenging task for the HR department. With no doubt, HRMS is the best way to effectively manage data and information. Since such software is automated, there are zero risks of errors. As mentioned earlier, employees can even update and check the accuracy of their data with the help of the ESS feature, which makes things easier for HRs and employers.  

  • Save Money

Since HR management software takes care of every HR task, no company will need to hire new employees. Most importantly, relying on such software costs way lesser than the hiring cost and salaries of the new hires. 

With all the aforementioned features and benefits, don’t you also think installing HRMS Software for your company is a good idea? 

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In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the adoption of HRMS has grown exponentially. Also, it is now playing a pivotal role in managing human resources during this crisis time. Keeping this in mind, every organization should invest in the right HRMS software as soon as possible. It is certainly the smartest and easiest way to combat WFH challenges faced by every other company today. 

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