5 Evergreen Outdoor Marketing Strategies for Boosting Your Brand

When asked what comes to their mind after hearing the phrase ‘outdoor marketing’, many people believe it means outdated marketing or some uncool street ad. Well, that is not what outdoor marketing entirely means. It’s more about creativity and persuasiveness. This is why outdoor marketing is still alive and thriving and we see ads of Spectrum Internet in Maine on the street as well.

If the digital era has made you neglect outdoor marketing, you are missing out on a world of opportunities.

What Makes an Outdoor Marketing Strategy Effective?

Every outdoor marketing strategy has four main touchpoints:


Obviously, you need more than one billboard to make any campaign successful. To make your audience remember your brand, you need more exposure. Buying a cheap billboard and displaying it on a deserted road could save you money but it won’t bring any ROI. It’s important to ensure maximum coverage especially in those locations where your potential audience hangs out the most.


To sell, you must speak to the right audience. You can’t sell apples to someone who wants to buy grapes, right? The same goes here. Targeting your ads to the right demographics matters. For that, you must identify your target market, where they live, what they like, and come with a profile of your target users. Only then, you will be able to sell.


A creative billboard gets the message across quickly. On billboards, visuals have a deeper impact than words. You want people to smile over your billboard not puzzle out because it has a confusing meaning. One bold shade, the right imagery, and a handful of words are enough to make an impact.


The results of outdoor marketing never come overnight. Billboards take time to build recognition.  That’s why it’s always said to deploy more than one. It may take weeks and weeks for the message to sink in but once it does, the rest is history.

Ever-Green Outdoor Marketing Strategies

Are you ready to leverage the power of outdoor marketing? Great! Let’s look into some ever-green outdoor marketing strategies for your brand to reach more people.

1: Make an Impact via Billboards

Billboards are a common form of outdoor marketing. When used the right way, they are perfect for building awareness. You can also use them for conveying your message in various formats.

There was a time when we only had still billboards. Now we have digital billboards. They are impossible to miss and they are the perfect tool for catching the attention of your audience. For inspiration on how to use billboard advertising to make an impact, check out how McDonald’s markets themselves. They use a simple design that is intriguing and witty at the same time.

2: Use Street Furniture Advertising

Street furniture advertising involves using equipment such as bus shelters, benches, parking garages, and other furniture in the street for displaying your ads. This type of advertisement is for the audience who have some time to check out the ad and maybe even take pictures with it. Therefore, it’s more detailed.

IMB launched a killer street furniture ad campaign. Their ads were useful for pedestrians. Their campaign aimed to create such ads that bring value and make the life of people enjoy as well as easier.

To successfully execute a campaign like this, you would need usual surfaces for displaying your ad. You will also have to work with an exceptional graphic design that can make killing visuals.

3: Retail Ads

These ads are seen everywhere in retail stores, shopping centers, and malls. The purpose of these ads is to promote a product or a brand present in the same location. The visitor sees the act, likes it, and now wants to visit the store. Such ads are displayed in wide spaces because they take require a lot of surfaces. Screens, floors, roofs, walls, and windows are ideal locations for displaying retail ads.

The purpose of retail ads is not always to raise awareness about the brand. Rather, the objective most of the time is to compel a customer to visit your store that’s located close by.

4: POS Display

Point of Sales Display ads is found in the checkout section at stores. The purpose of these ads is to catch the customer’s attention when he is waiting in line. This form of outdoor marketing technique is very effective because it targets the audience that’s ready to make a purchase. Since people are already buying, they are ready to add another item to their shopping cart.

Just think about the times you have picked an item or two last minute when you are standing next to the checkout counter. It works, doesn’t it? POS display takes multiple forms. Brands mostly use them for discounts and sales offers. You are giving your customer one more chance to benefit from your deal.

5: Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is all about creativity for attracting customers. It’s way different from any other form of advertising. It’s experimental yet affordable and if used the right way, it can yield maximum results.

There are a few subcategories to this type of marketing. For instance, outdoor Guerilla marketing is a category. In this type of marketing, you add something to a pre-existing environment like an artwork on the street or sidewalk or adding something removable onto a statute.

This type of marketing is highly compelling to customers. It aims to attract, surprise, and impress customers. It’s also witty which makes it easier to get the attention of people. It just requires creativity to grab the attention of the people around you.


All big brands love outdoor marketing and you should too. It sure is easy to Google Spectrum service phone number ( 1-855-837-6837), if you have seen an ad on the bus stop that has creatively displayed their number, you are likely to remember it better.

Getting people to have a look at your ad means half of the work is done. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into this impactful marketing technique.

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