Baidu's Self-driving Taxis Fully Opened In Beijing

Baidu announced on its official Weibo that its self-driving taxi service has been fully opened in Beijing.

People in Beijing can directly place an order for a free trial of the self-driving taxi service at the self-driving taxi stations in Haidian and Yizhuang without making an appointment.

At present, there are two ways to make reservations: one is to open Baidu map to use the taxi service and call Apollo GO; and the other is to use the Apollo GO independent app to complete the taxi-hailing service.

The Robotaxi test area opened this time has a total length of about 700 kilometers, covering dozens of sites in Yizhuang, Haidian, and Shunyi. Beijing is the third city where Apollo GO Robotaxi has opened up regular services after Changsha and Cangzhou.

In fact, the “autonomous driving” cars are not entirely unmanned. In accordance with the requirements of the autonomous driving test regulations, Baidu Apollo autonomous taxis are equipped with safety officers. The safety officers do not drive the vehicle during the process, but serve as an additional safety guarantee for the operation of the vehicle.

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