Best Tips to Prepare Academic Presentation

It has already become a common practice to prepare and show a multimedia presentation accompanying a student’s speech in colleges and universities. Presentation is your assistant in the preparation of a professional report and confirmation of your competence. Today, you have computers at your disposal and experts who can help write a dissertation, with the support of which you can prepare any assignment or presentation. PowerPoint is currently one of the most well-known presentation projects. This program has exceptional abilities that the student can combine at will.

Tips for Preparing a Presentation

For the presentation to increase the positive impression of your work in front of the audience, we suggest that the following 10 tips:

1- Prepare a Report First

The presentation should be fully aligned with the text of your speech. For this reason, prepare a report first, and then a presentation. Please do not write the full text of the report in it. Display only its main facts and thoughts.

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2- Principle of Minimalism

 When designing your presentation, stick to the principle of minimalism: the shorter your presentation, the better. A smaller number of slides do not mean you are not conveying the whole message. But it helps to gain the attention of the audience.

3- Selection of Font

We recommend using Arial or Times New Roman fonts to create your presentation. This is because these fonts are available on every PC. The size of the font on the slides must be at least 26. Otherwise, no one will see the document. 

 The background of the slide should preferably be one-color, not bright. The font color is black on a light background, with no shadow. Slides shouldn’t be cluttered. It is advised to reduce the amount of text. 

4- Must-Have a Title Page

Just like a dissertation, a presentation must have a title page. The 1st and final slides should be almost the same. The full name of the educational institution is indicated on them along with the topic of presentation—also the name of the student and the supervisor.

5- Arrangement of the Slides

Slides after the first one can be distributed in the following way. Several indicate the significance, subject, object, problem, purpose, objectives of the study by the text of the defense. It would not be superfluous to note on what direct grounds this topic was selected for the graduation project. 

6- Avoid Animation Effects

Animation and sound effects should not be used if you are not a graduate of directing professions. The disappearance, emergence, dissolution of inscriptions renders the idea of ​​frivolity. And sound effects will prevent you from concentrating on the semantic component of the work.

7- Correct use of Grammar

A high-quality presentation of the thesis or course work, accompanying a well-written speech, significantly increases the opportunity to gain a high mark on the defense. Spelling and punctuation errors don’t look good on the big screen. This reduces the impression of speech. It is possible and even necessary to ask a person whose literacy you trust to check the text.

8- Arrangement For Presentation

The presentation must be installed on a PC connected to the projector in advance – before the start of the graduation procedure for the whole group. On your desktop, create a folder with your own name so that it is easy to find the presentation. 

Find whether the presentation will open on this equipment, whether the program is compatible, in which your presentation is formed with the capabilities of a working PC standing in the audience.

9- Usage of Graphics

With the help of graphics, you can illustrate the information that you want to present to the commission on defense. When using diagrams or graphs, be sure to indicate the decoding of abbreviations used.

Moreover, any picture must be accompanied by a signature. Presentation software generally doesn’t like tables. If you want to place extremely significant data in the form of a table, insert it into the slide as a picture.

10- Slide Guide

Now about changing slides during the defense period. Of course, it is uncomfortable to manage the presentation personally to the speaker. It is possible to entrust the work with a multimedia demonstration to a classmate. 

For the slides to match the text, you should print another sample speech for the illustrator and place the replacement slide guide on it. And, of course, you need to rehearse the defense together 1-2 times.


So, the recipe for making a great presentation is: make slides as simple as possible, with clear wording and least important but sufficient visualization. And remember! A presentation is capable of both extolling a student in the eyes of the examiner and exposing a low-quality work.

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