Why Blockchain Should Mix Up With AI?

Blockchain is a collection of the chain in-network and that is built with blocks in a secured network where it allows an authorized person to transact, receive and validate data under process. When you consider its architecture it consists of 6 algorithms such as node, transaction, block, chain, miners, and consensus protocol. Each step is combined to form a well-constructed process of blockchain.

Let me describe each in the short term. Node is a point used to transact the data through an organized network within the chain of the block where each chain is bounded with a point called a node and later it has undergone system such as artificial intelligence which will describe in this blog. The main reason for its popularity is due to the decentralized technique adoption where most of the industries were working in a centralized manner to transact and validate the data using middlemen. Hence to avoid the steps, blockchain has been adopted.

What’s Your Idea on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a term that can derive or describe as human intelligence because the technology identifies through human analyzing or approaching manner to their work where they start to analyze what they want, gather its news or mechanism, planned it to achieve, work for it, and at last they obtain it. Thus the same mannerism is tracked to build the technology called artificial intelligence. The steps which were given for human analysis are just manipulated to machine understanding through the following process such as data analysis, data mining, unsupervised the data, then supervised the data, and reinforced it to obtain the exact result. Thus to maintain this work in blockchain via database, it has been adopted.

Machine Learning as a Part

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence by which the databases get sorted through the well-supervised pattern. The pattern has to work by many developers to arrange the coding and avoid the middlemen to work but to achieve pattern it’s a requirement to organize programmers to work from top app development companies. By getting service from them can increase the chance of security of network and database where deigning the network blocks in a grouped chain require a bunch of coders and network management knowledge. Thus job part considering, a network engineer can also take part to develop blockchain with a valuable experience.

Unsupervised Learning With Database

Data from the block can be in a form or in non-uniform thus to identify it the system has programmed to identify the data type then it worked with the required process. Thus when the data is unsupervised then the set of the database has to cluster, analyze to reduce the dimension of non-uniformed data pattern step by step and finally the datasets of blocks get arranged in a supervised data set to get into the process of transacting. This process has to undergo certain algorithms such as SVD, PCA, K-means to cluster and reduce the dimension and find out the analysis pattern via Apriori, FP-Growth.

Supervised Learning With Database

When the dataset is analyzed in an organized pattern then it is said to be supervised learning in the machine learning process. This process leads the dataset of the blockchain to undergo 4 parts such as Regression, Decision trees, Random Forests, and Classification. These 4 steps are included to obtain a clear database to the required person. The regression part leads two points such as the liner process and Polynomial process. Both the process has to undergo their respective algorithms. The second point is to work with the decision part to leverage the chain of blocks in a club that is said to be random forests. The final point is to be followed by the blockchain process called classification and it has to check with certain rules as KNN, Trees, Logistic Regression, Native-Bays, and SVM.

Reinforcement Learning With Database

This is the final stage of organizing the pattern of the database through blocks. It operates by enabling an agent to find out the error by using a trial and error method with the help of the loop. This system carries out the engineering branch called the control system in which the feedback loop has taken place to find out and obtained the non-oscillate result.

The database of blockchain can mingle with unauthorized data thus to organize the dataset in a well-crooked pattern this process has been applied to the blockchain called reinforcement learning. To formulate it, you have to undergo certain criteria such as environment, state, reward, policy, and value.

The environment is nothing but a physical world that operates the agent to find out the error in the block. The state part is the situation it undergoes to group the blocks in a network. The reward part is the feedback part considered as the loop to rectify the error that occurs in blocks. The policy part is the action part to be placed for further involvement in the process. It helps the action to be certified based on the requirement. The final part is the value part used to obey the result that is required by the designer of blockchain. Thus these complete five parts help the reinforcement learning method to be accompanied in the blockchain.

Decreases the computing Cost

Computing cost is high when the database process is done using a centralized manner because it includes physical hardware, operating system, applications, databases, storage, servers, and more. Thus to satisfy this complete system requires a high amount of cost and time but implementing a centralized technique with a distributed ledger system will engage the whole process to reduce the burden and time. Due to the middlemen’s neglect, database transactions will easier than the existing manner. Hence the cost of computing will also get reduces and allow the network to be maintained in control.

Final Thoughts

By the usage of artificial intelligence, data integrity get improve by following steps as choosing the required data set to arrange, improve the data with errors, splitting it to train and test which in later to process, then by the result the suitable algorithm is applied. I hope that this blog might help you to get information about artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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