5 Features You Should Look for in Your Artificial Intelligence Institute

It is hard to ignore the buzz around the AI and machine learning industry across the world. Journalists are calling it an AI race. Well, it is all good as long as the race is run for the greater good. India has started a little late in this race but it has quickly picked up pace. The domestic as well as the foreign investments in AI in India have been quite significant. A career in artificial intelligence is one of the most sought after options by young graduates. In fact, almost a third of the AI workforce in India is in their early twenties. If you are planning a career in AI, nothing should stop you. But you should stop for a moment and think for a while before you choose an artificial intelligence institute in India.

It is a proven fact that 30% of the online reviews across various sites are fake. So, unless you have a friend or cousin who has recently gone to school in a certain AI institute, you are pretty much on your own to figure out the suitable place for you. Here is some help. Look for the following features in the school you are looking into and you should be good.

Course fees shown up front

There are actually institutes which run with a wavering fee system. You would be ill advised to expect ethical behaviour everywhere. Institutes often come up with hidden costs for practical training. They might say that you need to pay an extra fee to access some very important content. This can really sabotage your learning experience.

Access to detailed course structure

How can you really know what you are getting into if an institute does not expose the course structure before you commit for the course? An AI institute that has information like this – 60 hours video content, with 36 hours of live interaction, covering A,B and C – on the website is the one you want to visit.

Various curriculums on the same area

There can be multiple approaches to learning about neural networks. The tools used, the type of networks prioritized, everything has an influence on the curriculum. There should be some sort of choice for the student as well.

An experienced facility with serious industry experience

Remember, if you are looking for an artificial intelligence institute instead of pursuing a university degree you are probably not inclined towards the academic side of it. Anyway, unless your instructors have done some time in the industry, they cannot really prepare you for the same.

A community of former students

Former students who are employed in the industry are in the thick of everything. If your institute provides a way of somehow connecting with these students, on a forum, or on some social medium, you can gain a lot out of it. You will be able to gather real-time industry information and you will also be able to verify everything that the institute tells you about its services.

It is a bad idea to base your career on free material from the internet, but it is worse to spend your money and time in an unworthy place. Choose wisely.

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