Best Solution to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926

SQL Server is one of the most popular database management system in today’s world. It provides flexibility to the database administrator or user for handling the database of any size. But, sometimes it returns numerous errors at different stages while working with the SQL server database. One such error is Microsoft SQL Server error 926, which creates hassles in SQL transactions. Sometimes, this error causes trouble in the smooth functioning of the SQL server as it makes the database inaccessible to the end-user.

This error occurs when the SQL database is marked as suspect due to a failed recovery process. Sometimes, when the user connects SQL instance using sysadmin login and SSMS, the SQL server displays 926 error. Henceforth, this article will tell you the best possible solutions on how to resolve Microsoft SQL Server error 926. Before proceeding further, let us discuss the common reasons behind Microsoft SQL Server error 926.

Reasons Behind SQL Server Error 926

There are several reasons due to which SQL Server error 926 appears. Some most common reasons are:
· When SQL database has been marked as suspicious
· Malware errors in the hardware of the system
· Due to the corruption in header part of the system file
· Abrupt shutdown of the SQL Server
· While restoring the database in SQL Server

Know- How to Fix SQL Server Error 926?

In this section both manual and automated solutions are mention. Go through it once and choose whatever option works best for you.

Solution # 1: Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926 Using Server Management Studio

1. Launch the SSMS on your computer system and go to the Object Explorer >> Server Instance >> Stop option.
2. Minimize the management studio and open the Control Panel on your system.
3. Now, click on the Administrative Tools and select the Services option to proceed further.
4. Here, search for the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER). Right-click on it and then choose the Stop option.
5. After that close the control panel window and in MY COMPUTER, go to the location where SQL database files have been saved.
6. Select MSDBDATA and MSDBlog files and save them to another location.
7. Now, Copy this file again from the new location and paste it to the older location.
8. Restore the management studio window and go to the Object Explorer section. Right-click on the Server Instance and choose the Start option.
9. Hit on the Refresh button of the Management studio in order to update the changes.
10. Finally, you can Detach the MSDB File

Limitations of Manual Method

The discussed manual method involves a lot of effort and it is also a time-consuming process. To fix Microsoft SQL Server error 926 this is a complex process to execute. Sometimes the user might make mistake while executing the mentioned step. Hence, the manual approach is quite difficult for a novice and non-technical user. Thus, to replace the manual approach, an effortless approach is also described in the below section of this post which overcomes all such issues.

Best Alternate Solution to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926

If you get failed to fix MS SQL Server error 926 by using the above-mentioned method then, in such cases we recommend you use the SQL Database Recovery tool which is a relevant and best solution for this kind of disastrous situation. This software will help the user to repair the corrupted SQL database and fix all errors effectively. And this software also allows the user to recover inaccessible SQL Server database. This software is compatible With Microsoft SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, and all its below versions.

Steps to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926

Step 1. Download and install the software on your machine and click Open to load the database file.

Step 2. Choose a Scan Mode ( Quick or Advance) for scanning the database files. And check the Auto Detect option to detect the SQL Server version of the MDF file automatically.

Steps 3. After scanning the file, preview recovered database objects like tables, triggers, rules, tables, etc., and click the Export button to export the Database items.

Step 4. Here, fill all the export details and press the Export button.

The Final Thoughts

In this technical guide, we have discussed the ways to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926 manually or with the help of the SQL Database Recovery tool. You may face several problems while performing the manual steps but by using the third-party tool it is easy to fix the issue without any data loss and hence the automated way is the perfect solution regarding this issue.

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