Dell vs HP: Which is the Better Brand?

Dell vs HP: Which is the Better Brand? At least 77% of American households have a desktop or laptop. Dell and HP are the leading computer brands. Thanks to their keen eye for their products’ quality, these firms have managed to outshine the rest for years. If you plan to buy a computer, you have probably thought about these two top brands. But the big question is, Dell vs HP: which is the better brand? If you are finding it hard to choose between the two, this guide is for you.

The article will provide a comparison to help you make a wise decision. Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, journalist, or homeowner, this information will help you pick the best laptop for your tasks. Read through it.


Dell is a reputable multinational firm for tech products. Its main

product is computers, although it also makes cameras, network switches, HDTVs

and so on. The company was established in 1984, and it has been building its

name worldwide through its well-crafted products.

The three best-selling Dell laptops are DELL Alienware m5, DELL G5

15, and DELL XPS 15 7590.

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Like Dell, HP is based in America. Its headquarters are in Palo

Alto, California. HP has been making computer hardware and accessories since

1939, hence its reputation. The leading HP laptops include HP Elite Dragonfly,

HP Envy x360 13, and HP Envy 13.

The Notable Differences Between

Dell and HP

As mentioned, both Dell and HP are reputable computer accessories

manufacturers. However, they have both slight and huge differences, which make

them unique. Here are is a comparison of Dell and HP products.

The Collection and


Variety is one of the things every buyer considers when fulfilling the quest of getting a new laptop. When the collection is huge, it becomes easier to sort out the products and choose the exact features. Dell has a huge collection of laptops and computer accessories. The sheer volume makes it possible for users to choose the best Dell laptop for their needs. For instance, if you need a gaming laptop, you can get the Dell Alienware, specifically designed for games.

Similarly, you can get Dell laptops for entrepreneurs, students, musicians, and so on. When buying, you only need to specify your needs to get the ideal laptop. HP laptops are different from Dell in terms of their collections.

They don’t have many sub-brands, although you can still get the laptop of your

needs. Though HP has been making more laptops of late, including the Spectre

series and HP Envy, the collection is still not par with Dell.

In short, Dell offers more versatility compared to HP.

After-Sale Service and

Customer Support

Every customer deserves excellent customer support from the seller, and that’s what exactly Dell does. Though both brands strive hard to provide the right technical support to their clients and the community at large, Dell’s customer service is better. In line with both brands’ customers’ remarks, Dell has a better

customer support system and a more welcoming and friendly user complaints


If your Dell machine becomes faulty, for instance, you can get prompt repair service provided that you have a warranty. The firm can also recommend you to other reputable Dell repair service providers within your area. This does not demean the customer support given by |HP, but you can get more satisfaction when dealing with Dell than HP.

Style and Designs

Style is another incredible feature that many people consider when buying laptops and desktops. After all, everyone needs a modern computer with a decent look for professional and prestigious purposes. Dell has a uniform appearance when it comes to style and design.

Though the colors are different, the general style and appearance are the same,

with very slight differences.

HP, on the other hand, offers diverse appearance options. You can get laptops of the same brand in all types and designs. It doesn’t matter if you need a sleek or a rugged HP laptop. You will always get the design you want from HP. Despite the sheer designs, HP colors are limited though. Most of

the laptops come in grey or black colors only.


Price is another significant concern to every laptop buyer, especially those with tight budgets. The Dell computers are relatively cheaper when compared to the HP laptops. Dell has a strict selling protocol that keeps off some unauthorized retailers, and probably, that’s one of the reasons why the products are priced low. Dell computers’ sheer volume also contributes to low prices,

especially for computers with lesser features.

HP, on the other hand, tends to have higher priced computers. This means that you can pay more for a laptop with the same configuration features as a Dell laptop. Before you buy, compare both HP and Dell computers’ prices in your

nearest store and get the budget-friendly option for your needs.

The Quality of the

Software and Hardware

As mentioned earlier, both Dell and HP make high-quality computers and tech accessories. The products you buy can last for a long time, provided that you take good care of them. You also have to get your hardware and software components from an

authorized Dell or HP supplier to ensure you are getting high-grade quality.

When to Choose HP

HP is your ideal choice if you need a stylish and impressive

laptop. This is because HP laptops come in many impressive designs to fit the

needs of all customers. You may also choose it when you need a durable machine

that you can carry around.

When to Choose Dell

Dell is your best option if you need an affordable laptop because

Dell products are relatively cheaper than the HP laptops. You can choose the

brand too when you need a gaming laptop, or when you need a wide range of

products to choose from.

Dell vs HP laptops: Make an

Informed Decision

A laptop is a valuable investment that requires careful consideration when buying. Don’t make your decision in haste. Use the information above on Dell vs HP laptops to make the best choice. And when you finally get the laptop of your choice, remember to

observe the right maintenance tips and seek repair services when need be to

extend its life.

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