How to Use Twitter to Build Legal Brands

With digital marketing

gaining in popularity by the day, and social media being an integral part of

it, more and more businesses are leveraging their social media presence to

build their brands. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have

a huge subscriber base and offer great potential to connect to a very large

audience. As it is with other social media platforms, there is great potential

on Twitter for legal brands. The key

here is to remain regularly active, relevant and up to date with your posts. We

discuss here the ways Twitter can be used to build legal brands.

Getting Started

When you decide to foray into this territory, you need to keep certain things in mind so that you start on the right note. First and foremost, you should use your actual name or your firm’s name as your Twitter handle, rather than any fancy name. Or, if it is a distinct username it should sound simple and professional. After all, you want your followers to take you seriously. Also, use your formal photograph or the firm’s logo as the profile photo and professional headshot for the profile-page.

As your primary intention is to build your brand, make sure that the posts you make add some value. Your tweets should be interesting and engaging for your targeted audience. As the length of the tweets is limited to 280 characters, you should try to be brief and yet be able to make your point clearly. Ensure that you have a plan to post steady and timely content which is evergreen and keeps your audience interested throughout the year.

It would help attract new followers and retain the existing ones. It also helps to maintain a calendar, so that you can track your post and rephrase and reuse them after a few months throughout the year. Identify people who have an influence among the general people to garner more support and followers. Getting a good start to the twitter engagement is crucial for marketing for law firms.

Things to Do Once You’re Up and Running

Once you have started out to build your brand on Twitter and established a firm foundation in terms of followers and content strategy, it’s time to become active in your quest to achieve your objective of enhancing the brand and getting new clients. Here are few ways in which you can do that:

  • Actively participate in conference

    conversations. Tweet on every industry related event using the official

    hashtag. Make it a point to comment before and after any important industry

    event. Use the tweets to form the basis of your future content and retweet

    content from important personalities to build relationships.

  • Be a sort of content aggregator by

    retweeting content, but you need to be careful. Don’t just blindly retweet;

    read and understand what the author wants to say and whether it is compatible

    with your view point. Also, it’s a good idea to activate Google alerts to find

    new sources from where you can share content on a regular basis to bolster your
    marketing for attorneys.

  • When you share links in your

    tweets, do so by offering some insight as to why one should follow that link.

    It would help build your credibility. Also, try to incorporate hashtags

    directly in the tweet copy rather than adding them at the end. Sharing white

    papers and studies from industry leaders and companies of repute helps to a

    great extent in marketing for legal


Some Useful Tips

  • Tools such as Hootsuite and

    TweetDeck can be used to effectively manage and monitor your contacts and

    followers on Twitter. These tools help you follow their tweets and schedule

    your own posts. It should help to increase your efficiency.

  • Make a conscious effort to tweet

    as frequently as possible, maybe one or two tweets every day. But, don’t just

    post anything; it must have some value for your followers. You need not worry

    about overdoing it; if your posts are interesting your followers won’t mind

    them. In any case people are busy and they may not have the time to read all

    your posts, so consistency is key to building your brand.

  • Using hashtags in the right way

    can go a long way in growing your reach. Not more than two hashtags should be

    used per post or else people’s engagement may decline. Tools such as Hashtagify

    and RiteTag help in maximizing marketing

    for lawyers
    as your content would be more visible.

  • And lastly, do proper research on

    what other lawyers are doing and try to improve upon that. Nothing energizes an

    attorney more than anything else, but to learn what their competition is doing.

The above tips on how to use Twitter for legal brands should help

any lawyer or a law firm to effectively build their brand on Twitter.

Sophia is a marketing expert at Conroy Creative Counsel, providingSEO for Lawyersin the USA.

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