JD Explore Academy Formally Established

During JD’s global technology explorer conference, the company announced to formally establish JD Explore Academy to attract top talents from all over the world.

It is said that JD Explore Academy will focus on six major digital and intelligent technology sectors, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, data science, engineering and management, decentralized computing, ethics and science and art. It will realize disruptive innovation from the basic theoretical level, which displays JD’s determination and strength to explore the cutting-edge technologies.

At the same time, JD Explore Academy will recruit top talents from all over the world. Over the next three years, each sector is expected to have at least three world-class scientists. It also encourages the joining of young scientists, and is committed to cultivating them to become leaders in the future industry.

JD said that JD Explore Academy will also focus on accelerating the application of technological achievements in actual scenarios to better serve the development of the real economy.

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