Know Method to Convert EML files to PST File

EML is a standard file extension of email or electronic mail, this file format used by multiple email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc but due to moving technology many users switching on advance email client like Outlook. That’s why users are frequently asking “How do I convert EML to PST”. So in this blog, we will describe methods to import EML files to Outlook importable PST format. Stay with us & continue the reading.

Before moving towards the solution let’s consider the user’s query:

1: “Hello, I’m using Windows Live Mail email application for a long time, but now I want to switch to Outlook email application for some advanced features and security concerns. Right now, I have a huge amount of email data that I need to import into Outlook, but the problem is I don’t know the right solution to export EML files to PST. So, guide me on how can I do this task.”

2: “Recently our organization switched to Outlook email application, but I have a large amount of important emails is stored in EML files. I do not want to drag & drop all my emails into Outlook because it will a time take. So I need a solution in which I can export entire EML files to PST format.”

Both users scenario is different, but the problem is the same. Both users want a direct solution to convert Thousand EML emails into Outlook PST file. Let’s talk about the solution.

How to Export EML Files to PST?

In order to resolve users query related to convert EML to PST, we would like to suggest EML to PST converter tool. This tool is one of the best ways to export multiple EML files to PST format with all attachments. This tool is originally designed to perform EML to PST conversion in bulk without losing a bit of information. It comes with multiple advanced features some highlighted features are given below:

1: Export EML files to PST with entire data including attachments.

2: Maintain data integrity of EML emails into Outlook PST format.

3: Generated UNICODE PST file which is importable into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 & lower editions.

4: Provides split PST option to divide large output PST file into multiple parts.

 5: Option to select EML file/ files or an entire folder to convert into PST.

This tool is a complete solution to export EML files to PST file to import into the Outlook email application. Let’s know the working of the tool.

Working Steps of the Tool

to Convert EML to PST

1: Start the software & select EML files which you want to convert to PST.

2: After selecting EML files click on the Convert button to export EML files to PST.

3: Now, you can see there are multiple options are available – Select destination location, Import all Messages in a single folder, Split PST file. Select an option according to requirement and click on OK.

4: Now, you can see software start converting EML to PST.

5: After converting EML files, the tool generated an export report. You can save reports on local machines.


By finishing the blog, we would

like to suggest an automated converter tool to export EML files to PST file.

This conversion can be performed manually, but the manual method always creates

complication & increase the possibility of data loss.

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