5 Ways to Soothe a Fussy Newborn

Calming a newborn is a task itself. A crying baby can put new parents under severe stress, especially when it’s bedtime. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is disturbing

the peace of your baby? Is she wet, hungry, or tired? The possibilities are

endless. There’s no one way to soothe a crying newborn.

You can try a few techniques and see which one works best for your little

bundle of joy. 

Ensure your Baby’s Comfort

Did you know your womb had a packed and cozy environment? Babies often crave that warm and cozy environment. So, it’s essential to make such an environment and make them feel comfy. Always keep a baby blanket handy and wrap your baby in it carefully. Ensure that the blanket is thin and cozy. Keep her arms across the chest to create a calming effect. You can swaddle your baby to let her sleep longer soundly. 


your Baby

Your baby might not find laying still a fun

activity. She stayed in your belly for months, which was like a mobile home.

So, it makes sense to rock your fussy baby to calm her. You can hold your baby

in your arms and swivel back and forth until she falls asleep. If rocking your baby isn’t a possibility for

you, you can opt for a baby swing. These swings are soothing and rhythmic that

soothe your baby. Get the one designed for the newborns so that your little one

stays comfy in it. 


the Noise Going

It’s strange, but babies don’t mind sleeping

with some noise on. So when your baby starts crying, try turning on the fan.

Its soft whirring works as a sound to your baby’s tiny ears. Silence isn’t necessarily golden for all

babies because your baby can hear the rush of the blood, gurgling stomach, and

even pounding of your heart. That’s why some babies find jarring combos of

vibration and noise calming. 


Out If It’s a Health Problem

Stomach discomforts like a gas can make your

baby cry too. If your baby is having a gas problem, lay her down on your knees

and gently run her back. You can make her lay on her back and move her

legs like a bicycle to ease the discomfort. And you can always consult with

your doctor and ask for infant gas drops. 



While you’re busy trying other stuff to soothe your little bundle of joy, don’t forget to keep an eye on the temperature of your room. It could be too hot or too cold for the little one. If your precious little human is cold, grab a baby blanket quickly and wrap her carefully. If she’s hot, get the fan going or open windows. It’s smart to check the temperature before putting your baby to sleep to disrupt their sleep. 

Calming a crying baby could take longer than

you think. But don’t fret and try the techniques to soothe your little


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