How to Unlock and Open A Password Protected 7zip File?

7 Zip is a security protocol that compresses massive files and keeps your data safe from virus attacks. However, there are chances that we might forget the password, so we at eSoftTools offers you the latest 7Z Password Recovery Software. This software will crack both numeric and alphanumeric combinations and recover the password from the 7Z file in a single click. Through this blog, you will see the process of How to unlock and open a password protected 7zip file.

Key features of this software

  • Recover multilingual password

The 7z Password Recovery software can recover passwords created by any language. Whether you have created a password in English or other languages, this recovery tool will retrieve the password and help you open the files.

  • Can recover password set in a lengthy and complicated form

Another remarkable feature of this software is, users can recover different combinations of passwords irrespective of their length. The software will quickly break the password formats (like- #,@,%,&, a,b, H,1,7,9) and show you the file.

  • Highly reliable software

The software is highly reliable and safe. So, now don’t get stressed about how to use it for recovery the password. This cracker uses various techniques like- Brute Force technique, Mask Attack, and Dictionary attack to retrieve the password instantly.

  • User intuitive graphic interface

It has a clean and friendly interface that helps the user to retrieve the password easily. It works quickly and is a certified way to unlock the 7 ZIP files in the safest way.

  • Free Demo version

7z Unlocker Software gives you a demo version wherein you can retrieve or extract the first 3 characters of the password without purchasing the software. This facility is available on free of cost and will give you knowledge of the software’s working process.

  • Non-technical users can also use it to recover the password.

It has advanced features, intuitive interface that makes it easy for non-technical users to extract the password without any effort.

  • Supports all versions of Windows & 7zip version

This software is supportive so, whether you are using Windows XP, Windows 8, or another variant of windows, this software will work both with equal ease. Install it now.

How to open a password protected 7zip file?

The below-mentioned lines will detail you how to unlock and open encrypted 7z file successfully with this software

  • Download this software and launch it on your PC.

  • Click on Browse button to search or select the 7ZIP files from your PC

  • After that the software will show to three options Brute Force attack, Mask attack, and Dictionary attack simply any one option to simply begin password recovery process.

  • After making the recovery simply put the resulted password on your 7z file to open a password-protected 7zip file.

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This software is capable for unlocking standard as well as the encrypted password-protected 7ZIP files. It can crack the upper case, lower case, digit characters, and symbolic passwords without any error.

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