Huawei Launched Self-developed Map App

According to reports in Chinese local media, Huawei has officially pushed its self-developed Petal Map to over 140 countries and regions, and its overseas users can download it from AppGallery.

It is said that Petal Maps provides users with services such as map positioning, map display, driving navigation and real-time road conditions. It also pioneered a new way of map interaction, applying the contact-free operation function of Mate 40 series to navigation. When driving, users can switch between the navigation route and the overview interface freely by pressing their palm toward the screen.

In addition, with the real-time public transportation information prompts, users can check the actual departure and arrival status in some cities for their time and travel planning. At present, Petal Maps supports navigation voice broadcast in Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

According to Huawei’s planning announced before, Petal Maps will also be available in car system in the future, providing optimized Petal Maps navigation software for drivers.

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