PCO Car Hire License Application Process | 5 stages of Getting PCO License

PCO license is required by PCO drivers to drive their PCO cars freely on the streets. If you don’t have a PCO license, you have to apply for it. The PCO car hire License gets expired after 3 years, and after 3 years, you have got to get it renewed from the government institution to carry on working as a Licensed Driver in London. Luckily Transport for London (TfL), who runs the Public Carriage Officer (PCO), will send you your PCO car hire license renewal forms before your current one expires, so all you need to do is to fill them and remember to send them back. But what if you are new and applying for a license? What is the process? We will guide you about it. 

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Let’s head towards the 5 stages of your application.

Stage # 1

Read and understand ”Who can apply for a license?” and other relevant Licensing information

Before applying for a PCO Car hire license, you should get all the information regarding the licensing process, the fees, policies, and conditions from the Government official website. It is strongly advised to all drivers to read and understand all the relevant things to your application before renewing your license.

If you meet the licensing requirements, as outlined on our ‘Who can apply for a license ‘ and would like to renew, then you can proceed to the next stage.

Stage # 2

Checking the information and documents

Carefully check that you have the required information, documents and means of making payment before initiating your application process.

Stage # 3

Make your online application and payment

When you move to stage 3 you will make your online application and payment to company by a web form called Idox. Make sure that you have sufficient time to fully complete your application. 30 minutes would be sufficient. 

You will need the following things in hand before starting your application.

  • DVLA Driving License

  • Unique alphanumeric renewal code

  • Have a valid email address and account

  • Able to make an online payment by credit or debit card (if it is not your card then with the permission of the card holder to do so).

  • National Insurance Number

  • Knowledge of which operator you will be working for.

  • Proof/evidence of your Right to Work in the United Kingdom 

  • Details of any past and current motoring offences or pending matters, previous convictions from the UK and abroad. 

  • You will be required to provide a criminal record check from the country if you have lived abroad for 6 continuous months of more since the age of 16.

  • Passport sized photograph.

Step # 4 

Complete your DBS and DVLA checks

Follow the right instructions to make sure that they receive the correct Enhanced DBS check 

Stage # 5 

All PCO Drivers Must Read & Follow This Stage

You need a:

  • Passport Style Photo

  • Right to Work in the UK

  • Drivers over 45 at the Renewal Date and those who have a yearly license – Medical

  • Medical Report Form

Do We need training for a PCO License?

No specific training course is designed for the PCO car hire License, but you can get help with these 2 aspects: 

  • English test 

  • Topographical skills test

There are some providers that offer training and assessment for both of these areas.

Cost of the PCO License

There are many different costs associated with the PCO car hire License. For example, there is a sufficient cost for starting an application and another for taking the required medical test. The estimated total cost to get a PCO License could be up to £700. It can vary depending on your choice of provider. This vital information is provided by PCO car hire company Meer United Limited.

Source: Meer United Limited

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