Zomato Clone: A Lucrative Business Solution You Should Never Miss Considering

It all started about a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world, the people in it, and the businesses the people had invested millions in. The situation was like straight from a Hollywood movie; the downfall and uproar it brought is much more than anyone can imagine. Now, the restaurant businesses are not to be left out. 

People have so much hesitation that they no more enjoy eating in restaurants, and that’s when apps like Zomato made their presence known. 

Giving people the comfort to get their favorite dishes delivered right at their doorstep is not something that’s going to face a breakdown point. That’s why for any people who want to start or expand their business, the Zomato Clone is the perfect solution for everyone… including you.

So, this blog is about the discussion of the advantages it offers. Let’s now dive into our subject.

1. Reduced time consumption:

People find it easier when they can multitask, and this app offers a lot of convenience by reducing time. Giving them an option to order food at a few taps, delivering it with safety precautions, won’t have to waste time in reserving tables or traveling to the restaurants.

2. Simple and easier:

Despite the bleak times, the app would allow people to order their favorite food without panic about safety measures. Even though people are not tech-savvy, they can easily order food online. The app saves both the restaurants and the customers never have an unfulfilled order. 

3. Reduced expense:

Introducing the special offers and discounts speak volumes in the popularity it offers. With this, people can quickly get the food that they desire at the best deal.

4. Secure transaction:

Along with the progress of technology, the payments are now being made by using digital payment modes that are replaced with exchanging amounts of cash, which is riskier. People nowadays find it easier to transfer money using digital payment. 

Since there are more payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and other payment options, secure gateways provide simplicity with comfort.   

5. Digitalization:

With apps like Zomato Clone which are ‘cutting-edge technology marvels’, everything is made simple. They serve boon to both the restaurants and the customers by providing the perfect balance.

6. Real-time tracking:

To induce curiosity, the app provides customers with a real-time tracking system. They can get to know about the initiation, progress in their order, and the estimated delivery time of their favorite dishes. By giving the time-to-time status, the app provides a transparent order transaction. This is one reason why people, whether food lovers or not, use the app frequently. 

Development of Zomato Clone: 

The Zomato Clone app development can now be made more straightforward with the Zomato Clone script’s help. The script offers you immense benefits and comfort as you wouldn’t need a coding background to launch the app. The features you would like to have in the app as an add-on to the primary element bring out the app unique from a bunch of other similar apps. 

Features of the app:

The app contains three different apps; each has distinct features to make the app easier for all four parties, including you, the admin. So let’s look into them one by one.

Customer app: 

  • Secure sign-in

  • Filter

  • Checkout

  • Add to cart

  • Payments

  • Alerts

  • Order history

  • Order tracking

  • In-app call/chat

Delivery app: 

  • Registration

  • Profile verification

  • Profile creation

  • Toggle mode

  • Accept/ Decline request

  • Earning statistics

  • Order history

  • Earning statistics

Restaurant app: 

  • Registration

  • Restaurant profile

  • Menu management 

  • Availability

  • Manage orders

  • Pricing and billing

  • Track order

  • Order history

  • Earnings report

  • Customer support

Admin panel:

  • Dashboard

  • User management

  • Manage delivery executives

  • Manage restaurants

  • Payment records

  • Sub-admin roles

  • Offers and discounts

  • Referral program

Ways to make money:

There are four methods of monetization using the app:

  • Delivery fee: 

You can collect the commission for every delivery done from the restaurants to the customers’ doorstep using the app. It can be based on the pickup and drop-off location and the consideration of the time of the day.

  • Commission fee: 

For every transaction made using the app, you can charge a commission fee from the restaurant. It can be both fixed or variable, depending on your needs. 

  • Advertisement fee:

Advertisements of any other businesses can be displayed in the app, for which you may charge a specific amount from the business clients. The plan must be renewed. 

  • Registration fee:

You can charge a registration fee from the restaurants for them to be displayed on your app. But before that, you must make sure that you verify the restaurant. 


With every aspect of the Zomato Clone app explained, you can launch the app with more beneficial features. Make your plan clearer as to what to add and what requirements your users have. This will make it reach more popularity than expected. Don’t hesitate and join in now!

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