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‘Automation’ is what is trending in the business industry in 2020!

Gone are the days when the businesses opted for taking care of each and every task manually.

Every business organization is looking out for options to automate its operational cycles and the Sales Industry seems to be no exception!

  • Hence Sales Automation is the real deal today!

According to research, if a company adopts Sales  Automation, it can tremendously increase your deal closures by 30%, reduce your sales cycle by a good 18%. Not just that, it also lowers down your administration time by 14%.

Before we jump on to the best Sales Automation tools for your business, let us understand why Sales Automation is needed in your business for it to progress?

✓ It helps you streamline your sales process and cut down on any unnecessary costs.

✓ Streamlining your sales cycle helps your sales reps to really focus on things that matter more such as client relations. 

✓ By taking over your administrative tasks, it frees up more time for managers to focus on strategizing better for effective results. 

In this blog today, we are going to help you discover the top 10 Sales Automation tools and Software for  Business Automation that you definitely need to know about.

10 Best Sales Automation Tools and Software for Business Automation

  1. PeppyBiz

PeppyBiz is known in the market as an Automation device that deals with your Sales like a genius. This tool gives you all kinds of solutions that you may need for your sales and marketing. It has multifaceted features that not only take care of your basic needs such as sending Email follow-ups, managing your lists, and your interaction with your clients but also get you covered in providing in-depth insights based on your data and helps you with better decision making.

This tool helps in getting you focused leads, assess your collected data with customizations, and thereby help you close on more deals and increase your sales. This device is an uplifter for small and medium-sized businesses.

Some of the features of PeppyBiz are:

  • It is a reliable tool to target likely leads.

  • It helps in introspecting the client’s issues and services in the most ideal manner.

  • It is a powerful software for automating the tasks in your operational cycle and also tracking the progress of the activities.

  • It likewise helps in being a great support for your clients by offering significant client help through chat support and ticketing system.

  • It encourages you to successfully understand and analyze your data and discover shortcomings in the business cycle to improve efficiency.

  • It is easy to understand and can be effectively adapted in your business model.

  1. Hubspot CRM 

Hubspot CRM is just another tool in the market known as a power pack for boosting your business. It plays a 360-degree role in your business’ operations by providing you with a  great experience by really bringing out the results for your sales and marketing efforts.

Known for its inbound marketing, the Hubspot brand is now a top pick among the marketers.

The tool is so powerful that it can even send out emails with personalized subject lines for each of your subscribers. It has features that help you in automating your business’ mundane tasks, help you make precise predictions based on the reports provide you with document templates to make your work look professional, and help you get done quicker. It really focuses on building real connections for your business apart from the basic functionalities.

It can easily be integrated with G-suite, Office 365 as well as Outlook. This, alongside all the serious contributions, make Hubspot a strong competitor for empowering your business operations with its Sales and Marketing Automation.

  1. Bitrix 24  

Bitrix 24 is a Customer Relationship Management Tool which provides a great sales force automation in your business and is quite a popular choice amongst the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and even startups as it provides a basic platform which can be used for free. This tool, like the other tools, also has advanced features that it charges for.

From helping you with managing your leads to managing social networking for your business, this tool is sometimes even considered as a complete CRM. It also helps you with automating tasks, provides you with documentation templates, making online payments, setting up your interaction with clients, and all the other basic and advanced features that other tools provide.

  1. Zendesk Sell 

Facing problems in support operations?

With Zendesk Sell, you can overcome this problem by taking your support operations to a better level. It is a great Sales Automation tool that helps your business become more productive by always being there for your customers. It further helps you streamline your operational processes in your sales cycle and achieve transparency in operations.

One of the USPs of this tool is that it provides you with smart services that cut down on your unnecessary operations. Zendesk sell provides you with a ticketing system that is quite flexible and multi-channel support for your customers.

  1. Salesforce 

Salesforce is a widely known CRM that helps your business take a step closer to its clients by serving it better. Salesforce is a multi-purpose tool and helps your business streamline its sales pipeline.

Some of the features of Salesforce are as follows:

  • It helps in maintaining a shared view of the team’s progress that improves the transparency and productivity of the team.

  • Salesforce additionally encourages you to market better to your clients. It helps you utilize your collected data to comprehend them better and make new targeted campaigns.

  • Helps in automating your sales pipeline and improves service for your customers and leads.

  1. Pipedrive

Do you need to have a customizable sales funnel?

Pipedrive should be your go-to tool for that!

Pipedrive helps your business to become more efficient by having transparent pipeline management that helps you identify areas that need to be worked upon.

Not just that, it provides you with advanced customization options for your sales funnel. Apart from the basic features such as managing the pipeline, automating tasks, sales reporting, integrating emails, it is widely known for its strong client support as it follows up with your customers during different stages and thereby helps you get more conversions and retain them in the long term.

  1. Bpm’online CRM

This tool can be ranked as a strong contender amongst the list of the best sales automation tools for your business in 2020. It is a widely popular tool amongst industry analysts for its modern and advanced features that help businesses accelerate their growth tremendously.

It is well suited for the requirements of medium and large-sized companies.

The tool provides multifaceted functionalities such as field sales management, automation of document flow, forecasting and predicting the sales, and managing mobile sales as well. Along with that, it can also be integrated with third-party systems with ease.

Apart from that, this tool has also built a name for itself for contact management. It is a great tool for providing customer support through different mediums such as phones, live chat, bots. etc.

  1. Leadsquared 

Leadsquared, which is a powerful sales automation and a CRM platform, has made a great client base for itself as it focuses on skyrocketing your sales and enhancing your productivity with its advanced features. The platform is open for all different industries such as banks, insurance, schools, etc.

Leadsquared really focuses on taking care of your sales funnel right from the start. It has advanced sales automation features that get you covered on lead capturing, lead nurturing, lead distribution, and implementing sales. This tool also helps in managing your field sales by automating, tracking, and reporting their activities.

With so much focus on leads, this tool really aims to convert your leads into paying customers. This tool does really have some spectacular features that got it to this list of some of the best sales automation tools for your business in 2020.

  1. Keap & Infusionsoft 

Keap, a CRM platform that provides sales and marketing automation functionalities, helps you grow your business, enhances your customer support, and thereby increases your sales too.

It has an easy to operate interface and is quite a suitable tool for professionals, home-based services, and even personal services. It provides you with a dashboard that easily lets you manage your sales pipeline and provides you with sales functionalities such as lead scoring, tracking as well as management. It also helps with the maintenance of the workflow, automating email workflows, and website lead capture.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a widely popular CRM tool in the market known for its extraordinary sales support features. This tool makes the technology available for supporting your business’ operations while synchronizing your sales, marketing, and customer service functions. It helps you automate the different tasks in your pipeline and improve your efficiency.

One of the best features of this tool is its feature to collect customer insights through their social profiles, which not only helps in collecting data but also make more personalized conversations with them for a better relationship with prospects.

It is also AI-powered which further helps your business in smart selling. It can easily be integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, provide in-depth insights into your business, and shows you real-time data which further helps you in growing your business by making better decisions.


Sales Automation will help you revamp your current sales pipeline and will ensure maximum utilization of your business’ resources, reach your employee’s maximum potential, and optimize your workflows at the same time.

While all tools claim to achieve your business’ sales automation goals, you need to be careful while picking the right tool for you. Assess your business’ needs and goals and pick the one that fits your business’ needs perfectly.

Sales Automation undoubtedly takes away the burden from your head and gives you great noteworthy results in the form of higher productivity, increased conversions, and enhanced efficiency. Availing one of the sales automation tool options mentioned above will definitely count as a right move for your business’ growth.

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