Effortless Tips To Create Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram is now an addiction for all social media users. Videos and stories are watched and shared across the globe. Multiple users use Instagram from all over the world. Marketing experts are rushing towards Instagram to promote their brand. Running Instagram stories ads boosts your brand and improves sales. Many companies prefer Instagram stories ads to find a position that lets them get ahead of the competition. Millions of people are using Instagram every day.

Among those active users, half percent use Instagram stories. Businesses and brands catch the maximum of most-viewed stories. It’s time to start your Instagram Stories Ads as a part of your marketing strategy. Let us now come across some simple tips.

Why Instagram Stories for Ads?

Instagram stories ads are the best way to find a new audience for your brand or product. It is a place where you can showcase your brand ideas for your current followers. You can share any message related to your business field. Instagram stories ads are an essential part of Instagram to receive positive engagement from your audience. Share your ads through Instagram stories creatively. 

Instagram stories provide limitless options for creating ads. Video, photo, and carousel are notable formats in Instagram stories ads. Video ads can play up to 15 seconds, while a still image ad takes only 5 seconds. Carousel ads allow brands to play three pieces of content in both video and photo formats in a single ad. These ads are created with the help of Creative Hub or from Facebook Ads Manager.

Message Straight to the Point:

The critical point for any Instagram story ad is the message. The message you convey should be precise and short. A sponsored label appears on the top of the post in your story. It indicates the user to identify the difference between your day to day post and ad. Hence there are likely more possibilities for a user to skip your ad post. The probability of your ad to go unnoticed is high. You have only a small hole of a chance to attract your audience. Keep your message short and sweet to the point. Put efforts to make the ad simple, quick to understand, and appealing to your user.

Brand Logo in Story Ads:

The main aim of the Instagram story ads is brand awareness. To achieve the aim, some elements related to your brand must be included in your ads. Brand logo and color are primarily essential. The ad may reach a new audience who are unaware of your brand or product. So, the brand logo helps you to promote your product other than from your current followers. Linking your logo will make your ad viewed by more users. Views for Instagram stories can also be increased by grasping story views to reach a wider audience. Never skip the logo because they play a vital role in making you identified.

Strong Call To Action:

One of the highly effective methods is placing a strong call to action. A limited time deal or an exclusive offer will encourage your brand to be purchased. Viewers may eagerly visit your website through this simple method. Impose a sense of urgency in your Instagram stories. Top brands are using strong CTAs in their ads to drive traffic to their website. It marks the best marketing strategy.


Instagram stories ads is an easy and quick process. You can see a real difference in your Instagram profile. Reach of your business, brand, and sales may touch the sky through Instagram stories. You can start experimenting with various Instagram story ad formats and styles. Find which one reasonably attracts your audience and follow accordingly.

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