How to Get Rid of Most Common Facebook Issues?

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook no doubt allows one to access any of the user-friendly features seamlessly and in a most convenient way; yet there’re times when some users would face the issue of Facebook not working in iPhone or Android. Moreover, some Facebook users have been found there’s a difficulty in unlocking their account without ID proof. If you’re getting through any of the discussed issues, you should follow this guide until you reach a conclusion. So let’s start to discuss one after another.

What Should You Do when Facebook Stops Working

in Your Device?


several techniques you can apply to get rid of such an issue if being

encountered on your device – be it of iPhone or Android. Here’s what you should

be checking on:

Step 1: Check Your Data Connection


is the first thing you should verify before trying any other check-ups. The

absence of internet connectivity or fluctuations may lead you to encounter an unresponsive

issue in the Facebook. In such a case, you should check the device’s data

connection or router your device is connected to use the wireless connection.

Step 2: Update or Reinstall the Facebook



Facebook messenger may not work if the app is not updated on your device. So

make sure to update the app to work it seamlessly and more conveniently. You

can check the update option in the App Store from the iPhone device.

Step 3: Reinstall Facebook App


none of the above steps works, you should uninstall the Facebook program and

reinstall it from the App Store. Once your app is installed, open it and login

with your user-credentials.

Step 4: Update iOS or Android Version


there’s no issue in the Facebook application, you should check the device’s iOS

or Android version whether they’re up-to-date. Once your device’s operating

system is updated, your issue would be resolve, for sure.

Step 5: Wait for the Server to Fix On Its Own


the problem couldn’t be sorted out, you must wait for some time to resolve on

its own. As there could have been a server-side blockage to perform its task,

the Facebook server needs time to get it resolved on its own.


is how you can resolve such a technical issue. Now, let’s move into discussing

the other issues.

How to Unlock Facebook Account without ID Proof?


you violet any of the Facebook guidelines, your Facebook account will lock

automatically. However, possibly you can unlock your account without even any

of your ID proof.

So if you can’t figure out how to unlock Facebook account without ID proof, the following guideline will help you out.

Guidelines to Unlock Facebook Account without

ID Proof

Step 1:

At first, go to the official website of Facebook.

Step 2:

You will be asked to enter the email address and the password before your

account locked. You’ll be displayed with your account disabled.

Step 3:

In the first form as provided by Facebook, you have to type the name that you

set for the account.

Step 4:

In the additional info section, you type the “Hi Facebook Team.”

Step 5:

You will then be shown a message that your Facebook account is real and

reactivate it.

Step 6:

Now, write down the disabled account email address of the associated phone


Step 7:

Next, you’re needed to enter your full name of your disabled Facebook account.

Bonus Tips:

Tip 1:

You always make sure you must avoid accessing your account on a multiple


Tip 2:

Facebook has set a limit in sending a friend request to prevent spamming. So

you should also take of this.

Tip 3: Whenever

you see any settings changed or suspicious activities going around, you should

change the password as soon as possible and logout from all the devices you

have logged in.


these above steps and tips, your account will forever be secured and safe. You

can recommend these tips to your friends and relatives who’re having the same


What If You Need Technical Guidance from One of

Our Experts


you’re eager to get help regarding the Facebook not working on iPhone or

Android, you can get connected with our tech professional team and once you

connected, one of our team members would listen to your complaints or doubts

you have in your mind.

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