Quick Guide to Restore Database With MDF File Only

Well, the day we learn about how to restore database with MDF file only. There are so many users who search for the same query, after considering the issue we have come up with the best possible solutions by which users can restore SQL Server database from healthy or corrupted MDF file in a hassle-free manner. Before going on to the solution part let us see why users need to restore MDF file without log file.

Reasons for restoring the database with MDF file only

The most common reasons due to which users face the need to restore database without transaction Log File are listed here:

  • The number of users is unaware of the fact that the log or .ldf file has crucial transaction data that is required.

  • Due to an oversized transaction log file, only the .mdf file can be moved to the new particular point.

  • Hardware failure is also a major reason behind the damaged or corrupted Log database files.

  • In some cases, users need to import data from orphaned MDF File in SQL Server.

How to Restore Database With MDF File Only?

This can be done either by manual approaches or by using an automated software solution. Here in this post, you will get both the solutions. So, read the complete write-up and restore SQL Server database from healthy or corrupted MDF file effortlessly.

Restore Database With MDF File Using SQL Server Management Studio

1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio.
2. In Object Explorer, right-click on the Database folder & then click on the Attach option from context menu.
3. An Attach Database window will open and then click on the Add button.
4. Browse the location and select the MDF file. Click on the OK button.
5. Now, you will see the database detail, to attach MDF file without LDF file you have to select .ldf file and press the Remove button, then click the OK button on this page too.
6. Once the MDF file is connected successfully, SQL Server will automatically create an LDF file.

Using T-SQL Script

Another way to restore database with MDF file only using T-SQL. For this, you need to execute the following script:

(FILENAME = ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\testdatabase.mdf’)

What to do in case manual methods do not work?

The above-mentioned manual workaround will work only for the healthy MDF file and in case of clean shut down of database. However, the MDF file you are trying to restore is corrupted or damaged, then you must use an alternate solution like Emaildoctor SQL Database Recovery software.

It is an advanced tool that has the potential to repair damaged or corrupt SQL database files (.mdf or .ndf) and after fixing the corruption issue, users can export the recovered MDF file into an existing database or as a new database. Moreover, this utility is compatible with the MDF file created in SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and all below versions.

Working of SQL Recovery software

Step 1. Download and launch the application on your system and click on the Open to add the database MDF file.

Step 2. Choose any of the scan options and select the Server version of selected the MDF file. And hit the OK button.

Step 3. After scanning preview all data of the MDF file and then click on the Export button to begin the exporting process.

Step 4. Now to restore database from MDF file select the export to SQL Server database option and fill the export details accordingly. After that select the desired data items from the Export Window and finally, click the Export button to start the restoration process.

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Concluding Words

Now, users can try any of the methods discussed above. If in case users cannot restore database with MDF file only with the manual approaches then they can use the professional software. This application suggested here is easy to use and provides 100% assurance of successful results. You can download the demo edition of the software to evaluate its working procedure and functions.

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