5 Ways to Protect Your Phone from Damage

Phones have become indispensable tools in the lives of many people today. People are not only using smartphones in their daily personal lives but also their various professions. However, smartphones are very prone to physical damage due to their portability. Conditions that can lead to smartphone damage include accidental drops, exposure to liquids, and temperature variations. Repairing or replacing your smartphone after the damage can be a thorn in the flesh.

Here are some of the ways you can protect your phone from physical damage.

1. Protect your Phone with a Screen Protector

Modern smartphones indeed come with scratch-and impact-resistant screens made from Gorilla glasses or anything similar to glass. Don’t depend too much on the screens your phone comes from since they’re indestructible. Get a screen protector for your phone. Screen protectors offer maximum screen protection to your phone. Screen protectors are very easy and cheap to replace than the phone’s built-in screens. They also have an oil-resistant coating which helps in reducing fingerprints and smudges.

2. Use Phone Case

Life is becoming so dynamic that multitasking is now becoming a norm. Accidents do happen everywhere, and your phone is no exception from accidents. Some phones are either small or large, that fitting in your pocket can be a big challenge. You don’t need to leave it at home because it doesn’t fit your pocket; instead, get yourself a phone case Phone cases Australia provides a variety of phone cases that can come in your aid. The phone case offers maximum physical protection to your smartphone and keeps its exterior look new even after using it for a very long time.

3. Keep your phone away from Extreme Weather Conditions

Exposing your smartphone to extreme cold or hot temperatures damages your handset. Don’t only concentrate on protecting the external body of your smartphone; instead, protect the internals of your handset too. Exposing your handset to extreme cold or hot conditions can damage your phone’s battery and internal components. A shortened battery life of your phone means you can lose data or lose your phone as well. Alternatively, allow your handset to slowly return to room temperature when exposed to extreme cold or heat.

4. Keep your smartphone away from water

If your handset comes in contact with water, it will become wet and start malfunctioning. Make sure you keep it dry all the time. Smartphone manufacturers have also come to maintain phone dryness by offering water-resistant devices; however, these phones aren’t completely waterproof. Always keep your phone dry whenever you’re walking in the rain or snow. If you’re working in water-prone areas, visit phone cases Australia to buy a waterproof case or buy a water-resistant phone.

5. Buy Phone Protection Insurance

As mentioned earlier, accidents cannot be avoided, and phone damages can also get out of hand even if you have a protector and a case. Phone protection insurance is a perfect way that you can use to protect your handset. Phone insurance protection takes care of your phone whenever it gets damaged. Visit Carlcare or make an online reservation with them to get to know their insurance services. The protection they accord your phone includes a screen replacement service, which protects your smartphone for 180 days after activating it.


Smartphones play a very integral part in today’s livelihood. Therefore, knowing the best way to protect your phone from unnecessary damage can do you less harm than good. You have not to worry about the extra cost that might come your way unexpectedly.

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